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Shipping and Tracking In Klaiyi Hair Store


Warehouse Destination Shipping Method Time to arrive Shipping company
Georgia,US  US   Western part of US Middle part of US Eastern part of US  
Free shipping 1-2 working days 2-3 working days 3-4 working days USPS
Overnight express 1 working day 2 working days 3 working days USPS,UPS
China US Free shipping 3-5 working days FedEx
Canada, Europe, UK Free shipping 3-5 working days DHL, FedEx
Africa Table price shipping 3-7 working days DHL, TNT
Shipping time Within 48 hours, in 24 hours most of the time


1. One day in a week won't process orders-- U.S Saturday . Shipping comanies all close on Sunday. Pls choose the right shipping method with concern after Friday.

2. Orders will only be remained for 5 working days after placement when phone number missing or unclear address. Longer than that, order will be cancled and money will be returned accordingly. So pls make sure that you leave correct shipping address and telephone number when place order.

Option 1. Standard Shipping(3-5 Working days):

We give International standard delivery worldwide which comes with an online tracking number and need a signature. Orders can be tracked through



Option 2. Overnight Shipping

overnight shipping

If you require rush order, you can choose our Overnight Shipping option for $20.00.

Orders can be tracked through UPS:

Note: Once your order is shipped out, you will receive a tracking number by Email from us.

If you don't receive it by any chance, please contact us by: or add our what's app+8618339060717

Our Email:

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