How to participate the #PowerofHair Ft.Klaiyi Hair  (Date 6.10-Date 9.10)

1. How to get the entry from number? (Start: Date 6.10-9.10)

Leave your email address, send us a messages with the title of #Power of Hair Ft. Klaiyi Hair, so our customer services will know you are participate this activity, we will send you a Race Number in Random.

2. Do a Youtube video show us your interpretation of what the power of hair means to you.And the title should be with #PowerofHair Ft.Klaiyi Hair that we will know you are participating.And leave the participate rules in the description box.

3.We will update the event process everyday on all of our social medias.If you don’t want to miss any entries,plz

  1. Subscribe Klaiyi Hair on YouTube: Klaiyi Hair
  2. Follow Klaiyi Hair on Instagram:@klaiyihair_no1
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4.Top 20 Prizes: (The 20 winnerS will be came out 8.5)

Selection Rules:
1 View=1 Score
1 Thumb Up=5 Score
1 Comment=10 Score
Add those three points scores together and the top 20 will advance to the next round.

All will win a T-shirt for #PowerofHair Ft.Klaiyi Hair and 3 bundles of Klaiyi Brazilian Curly hair 20 inches

Top 3 Final Challenge:  (The 3 winnerS will be came out 9.10)
All the Top 20 Winners will wear our T-shirts and bundles for the final challenge video to reinterpretation of what the power of hair means to them.Then will vote the Top 3 from Top 20.

Top 3 Grand Prizes:
First Winner:$1,000 (Only One)
Second Winner:$500 (Only One)
Third Winner:$200 (Only Three)

The earlier videos come out, the more views and thumbs up you will get! Come and Join us now, show us what the hair means to you? There is a lot of beauty, what is your beauty?