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1 Color vs 1b Color vs 2 Color, What Is The Difference?

1 color, 1b color and 2 color are three very popular but similar colors. Many people may not know how to choose when faced with these 3 colors when buying wig. A right perfect color will you a stunning look while a wrong color may make you a pale look. So get a right color is very important. Here we have listed some difference among the three hair to help you understand the color and make right choice.

1 color vs 1b color vs 2 color

You will read in the post:

1.What is 1 hair color?

2.What is 1b hair color?

3.What’s is 2 hair color ?

4.1b hair color vs 1, what is the difference?

5.1b vs 2 hair color, What’s the Difference?

6.Which color suit me better, 1 color, 1b color, or 2 color?

1.What is 1 hair color?

1 hair color jet black

1 hair color is also called jet black color. It is darkest shade of black you can find. Usually Jet black hair color is darker than the natural hair color of most people. People need to dye their hair or wear hair wigs to achieve jet black hair color. However this color is loved by many girls or celebrity like Rihanna, Dita Von Teese, ect. Because this color is perfect for dark skin tone, highlighting the skin's warm, healthy glow. In addition, it is versatile with hairstyles. No matter what hairstyle you have, you can easily create elegant hairstyles.

2.What is 1b hair color?

1b color natural black

1b hair color is a natural black color with a little brown undertone. When it comes to the human hair extension or human hair wigs. 1b hair refers to the natural color of the virgin hair, which is not processed. Color 1b is most similar with natural hair color, so if you are looking for hair extension or hair wigs that can blend well with your natural hair, 1b color hair is the best choice.

3.What is 2 hair color?

2 color dark brown color

Color 2 looks similar to 1b color from a distance, but if you look closely, it is a shade of dark brown, and it is the darkest brown. 2 color hair is the most natural brown to try. For girl who has dark brown hair, it will create a perfect look.

4.1b hair color vs 1, what is the difference?

Jet black color and 1b hair color are both black color, but there are still some differences between them. Here we listed some small tips to help you distinguish them.

1.From the overlook, Jet black is obviously darker than color 1b.

2.Judging from the base color, jet black has a cool blue undertones while 1b is a warm brown undertones color.

3.1b hair color is very natural color which suit for most girls, while 1 jet black color are not so natural and you may need to dye your hair to get this color.

5.1b vs 2 hair color, What’s the Difference?

1b and 2 hair color are also two very similar colors. We can tell them through the following slight differences.

1.From the above content, we can see 1b color is a natural black color. But 2 color is a dark brown So 1b color is darker than 2 hair color.

2.1b color is the natural color of hair that is unprocessed, but 2 hair color is the dark brown color obtained through hair dyeing.

If you want to know more details about them, please click the link to fully understand their differences.

6.Which color suit me better, 1 color, 1b color, or 2 color?

Choosing the right hair color can add luster to your hairstyle. To get a perfect hair color, here are some tips you need to consider.

1.Your natural hair color. If you are choosing a wig or hair extension color. Remember to get a color that close to your natural color. Only in this way, you can get a realistic look.

2.Your skin tone. Choosing a color that can complements your skin tone is very important. Cool skin tone suit for jet black while 1b and 2 color are more perfect for warm skin tone. To learn more information about how to tell skin tone click What Color Should I Dye My Hair.

3.The hair you want. Now we have known 1b color is unprocessed for hair wigs and extensions, so if you want the unprocessed virgin hair, 1b hair is the best choice. 1color and 2 colored are processed color. But if you don’t mind this, just choose a color which is suit for you.


1 color, 1b color and 2 color are colors that many girls like. Although they look very similar, there are some slight differences. Understanding the differences between these colors and how to choose the one that suits you will help you have a stunning hairstyle. Hope this article can be helpful to you. Now try the hair color you like, don’t wait!

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