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90s Hairstyles Inspiration You Will Love

We all know that fashion is cyclical, and something you think is outdated now will become trendy again one day in the future. The same goes for hairstyles. Some classic 90s hairstyle get popular in recent years. Today we have compiled some very popular hairstyles in the 90s. I guess you have also had a certain hairstyle at one time or another. Let see the 90s trendy hair together.

The Pixie

pixie cut

Have you seen the movie Roman Holiday? Audrey Hepburn's short hair style in the movie stunned many viewers as soon as it appeared. That’s the pixie cut. This hairstyle also represents that women are not bound by traditional ideas. Who says women must have long hair? There is no fixed texture for pixie haircuts, it can be curly,wavy or straight, just show it the way you like.

The ‘Rachel’

the Rachel

After the TV series Friends started airing in the 90s, Rachel's fluffy and layered mid-length bob quickly became a trend which was loved by many women. This hairstyle interprets the characteristics of women who are dreamy, independent, confident and fashionable. Besides, this hairstyle is face framing, so for girls who want to modify the face shape, you really need this timeless hair.

Braid Pigtails

Braid Pigtails

For most girls in the 90s, braids always occupy an important place in their hearts. That is a memory of childhood.However, braids have become one of the most fashionable hairstyles in latest yeas, and many celebrities have attended events with braids. The long braids Long braids create a sophisticated, elegant look for you.

90s layered hair with curtain bangs

Braid Pigtails

Featured bang styles is also a iconic hairstyle in 90s. From curtain bangs and blunt block fringes,swoop bang to the softer, choppy cuts, you can always find a girl with bangs. At that time, it is a cool thing to have bang. Now Bang styles are still trending, Many girls love this style because long 90s layered hair and the face framing bang make your look more realistic.

Space Buns

Space Buns

space buns is a popular festival hairstyle in 90s. Two buns are tied on the top or sides of the head, which create a fun and playful look. It is a great choice for girls to wear it in hot summer. To get the same style, all you need to do is divide your hair into two high ponytails, then twist your hair into a bun shape and secure with a hair tie or clips. No matter what texture you have, you can easily achieve it. You can also choose some accessories you like as decoration to create a different feeling.

Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips

Butterfly clips is an kind of accessory that every girls in the 90s would have, because butterfly clips hairstyles were really popular at that time. The front butterfly is a classic style. Section your front hair into several parts, twist it and pull the hair back and secure with the butterfly clips. You’ve finished a trending style! Besides, people like butterfly hairpins because of it’s versatility. No matter what hairstyle you have, butterfly clips can always add a different kind of beauty to you.


Crimping hair

Crimping hair is a style that giving the hair a zigzag texture. It is a style that can increase your hair volume and add a retro feel to your style. Either tight curl or loose curl both can create a chic look for you. Now the style are still popular. Celebrity Nikiminaj stunned the crowd with her crimping mermaid look at an event.

Big curl style

big curl

The big curly hair was a hairstyle favored by celebrities and ordinary girls in the 1990s. The big curl style will always make you stand out in 90s. with the big curls you can easily add volume to your hair and create a exquisite and charming look. Besides It is a style you don’t too much time to maintain. So after decades, this style is still love by many girls.


Fashion will always be updated, but classics will always remain in the flow of time. Are there any of the iconic hairstyles mentioned above that you like? Have you ever had any of those era-specific hairstyles? Don't be afraid to try, you deserve all the good things. Welcome to share your favorite hairstyle with us.


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