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Middle Part vs Side Part, Which One To Choose?

No matter what hairstyle you have, straight, wavy hair or curly hair, choosing between a middle parting or a side parting is a decision you have to make every day when styling your hair. Some girls may just try it simply, but is your middle-part or side part hairstyle really suitable for you? Do you know the characteristics of these hairstyles? Today we will give a detailed introduction to center parting and side parting hairstyles. Let ‘s see how the hair parts work.

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1.The Features Of Middle Part

middle part hair

1.Create a youthful look.

Middle Parting is a simple trending style. Split your hair into two symmetrical parts in the middle of your head. The clean and tidy hairline create a youthful look for you. Because it conceals the hairline more. A middle-parted hairstyle will bring out your facial features, which can be helpful to show your true beauty.

2.Modify the face shape

The middle-parted hairstyle is a great choice for people with round, oval, and diamond-shaped faces. The straight line can cover part of the face shape and facial contours to balance your overlook. Therefore create an elegant and gorgeous style for you. For beginners, middle parting is the easiest way to get a face framing style.

3.Work best with bangs

If you are interested in bangs style, middle parting is a style you can try. Because the natural symmetry of middle part hair, the bang part hair can perfectly match your face.

4.Balance your face features

We all know that middle hair will emphasizes symmetry. So it can complement the symmetry of your face shape as well as elongate your face. Therefore, you can show people a more perfect look of yourself. 

2.Reasons To Try Side Part.

side part hair

1.Add more volume to your hair.

Side parting if friendly to people with thin fine hair. It can lift the hair at your crown, so it can create a more volume look. For girls who want to get a thick and full look, side parting will be the top choice.

2.Cover the forehead you don’t want to showing

If you have a big forehead, or not satisfied with the shape of the forehead, try side parting! You needn’t to cut bangs or trim hair to cover the forehead. All you need to do is get a side part style.

3.Friendly to square-shaped and diamond-shaped faces

For girls who have square or diamond shape face, why not try side part style? It softens your face and makes the edges less obvious. At the same time, it can add some sense of elegance to your look.

4.Match for all styles and textures

No matter what style what texture you want, long curly hair, short bob hair, or even a pixie cut, the side parting can perfectly match your look.

3.Middle part vs side part, Which one to choose?

To get a perfect hairstyle, we need to consider many factors, such as face shape, hair volume, personal style, etc. We have listed some small tips for reference.

1.Face shape. To learn where should i part my hair, you need to know what face shape you have firstly。Middle Part work best for people with round, oval, slim, and symmetrical faces while side part suit all face shapes.

2.Facial features. Another thing to consider is your facial features. Think about what features you have. If you have beautiful eyes, try a center-parted look to boldly show off your charming eyes. For girls who have a crooked nose or one side of your face is larger than the other, side part is the best choice. If you have high cheekbones, you can try body wave, loose wave or layer cut with middle part.

3.Personal style. Center parting is suitable for those who like simple, understated and voguish style while side parting is more suitable for girls who pursue classic, timeless look that can show their individuality.

4.Hair Volume.  We have mentioned above that side part can add volume to your hair. So if you have thin fine hair and want to have full look, don’t hesitate, choose side part! If you already have thick fluffy hair, the two styles are both suitable for you, just choose the one you like. Don’t forget to refer to the factors we mentioned above!


After understanding the characteristics of middle part and side part, as well as the factors that affect our choice of suitable style. I believe that you already have the answer to choosing between center part or side part. No matter which one it is, the one that suits you is the best.

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