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Baby Hair Edges, How To Make them?

You can easily get the hair you want by learning how to put baby hair on your forehead. Because you sometimes feel uncomfortable when putting a wig on your head. If you are new to lace-edged wigs, or in general, getting your baby's hair right is important to make your wig look natural.

Many consumers want to learn how to make baby hair edges. This article blog will help them learn tips on making baby hair on a front lace wig.

1 The best tools

Having the right tools is the first starting point for making baby hair on a lace front wig. You probably already have most of these, but if not, these are great tools to have on hand, especially if you plan to invest in other human hair wigs in the future. Virgin, human hair lace front wigs and other units give you the most versatility in styling, coloring, and overall longevity.

To get the best lace front wigs, pick up these tools, and let's get started.

Human hair lace front wigs

Rat tail comb

Sharp scissors

Hair clips




Styling gel


2 How to make baby hair edges?

Our guide below is for ladies who prepare their wigs ahead of time, but you can also learn how to make baby hairs on a lace front wig when you install your wig.

Step 1: Secure the hair Whether you learn to cut baby hair on a synthetic wig or a human hair wig, you must place the wig on the mannequin head. Then use pins to secure the hair. Ensure the hair doesn't move when you cut or pluck the baby hair off the top.

You want to cut off the excess lace on the front wig to get the most realistic look. Cut off small lace pieces and avoid cutting too close to the hair. This step requires you to have steady hands, good scissors, and patience. Also, use tweezers to pull off the excess hair around the forehead to make it less bulky.

Step 2: Separate your wig Using a rat tail comb, take 1/5 inch in the front and cut off the baby's hair. Separate this small section of hair from the rest of the forehead and cut the hair. Use alligator clips to hold the hair in place. Comb the hair section and shorten the hair with a razor. You can water the hair before cutting it.

Step 3: Dry your hair If you water your hair to cut baby hairs, you should let them dry before setting them. Hold the wet baby hair in one hand and the hair dryer in the other and start blow drying. Remember, baby hair is fragile, so you must hold the machine about 2 inches from the hairline.

Step 4: Set up the baby's hair The final step in making the lace front wig hairline look natural is for you to style your baby's hair to achieve a natural look. Spray a styling product (hairspray, cream, or gel) onto the hair and then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to place the baby's hair on the forehead.

    3 Some tips

    Cut baby hair short for straight hair You have purchased long, straight hair; make short baby hairs along the front of the wig edge. Use a styling product or a comb to smooth the baby's hair down straight. It fits your hairstyle and brings a beautiful look.

    Make the baby's hair wavy. To get this look, you need the help of a gel to hold the hair in place. Use a fine-tooth comb to shape the waves and apply hair gel. Remember to cut the baby hairs around the hairline short so that it looks natural.

    Create curly baby hair Take a small amount of hairspray and apply it to the baby's hair at the edge of the lace front wig. Then wrap the hair around your fingers to form a loop. Avoid using heated tools to style or make baby hair on closed wigs or foreheads, as this may burn the hair more easily.


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      4 Summary

      A human lace wig with a thin layer of lace at the front of the hairline looks realistic. In addition, you can dye and restyle your hair as much as you want to make it fit closely to your natural bob. Remember, take proper care, and you will have beautiful hair daily. 

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