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Lace Closure Wig, How Do You Braid it?

It is well known that with the development of human hair systems, such as lace closures, front lace wigs, and lace frontal wigs, many wearers question the best way to weave natural locks under their wigs.

So, which braid pattern is best for lace closure? You can change your braid pattern with each new installation of a lace closure wig and other styles. Others will think you are wearing your real hair. Keep reading to learn more about the best braid patterns for lace closure wigs that you can refer to.

1 Why do you make lace closure braids?

First, lace closure braid wigs are made from natural Vietnamese and Cambodian hair and can be customized into different braids. The hair is sewn, strand by strand, into a hairpiece called a "lace closure". This lace closure you can fix to your head with adhesive and cover with concealer to make the wig look realistic.

The Lace Closure Braid Wig will instantly give your hair volume and texture and takes less than 30 minutes to install in your hair. Lace closures can be colored to match your skin tone.

Some braid styles can be complicated and difficult to execute, especially for beginners. This is because it is either costly or very time-consuming. The hardest part of braiding your hair at home is that you can't see the top or back of your head, so it's easy to mess up your braid.

You want your braid to look clean. It's okay to be a little messy, but it needs to be done in an effortlessly beautiful way. A braid pattern wig is a perfect choice. All you need to do is place the braided wig on your hair.

2 Braid patterns

Braid pattern with a closed middle part
This pattern is for those who want to create the perfect center parting. Create a straight line in the center of your hairline and start braiding. This is the easiest and cheapest way to make them. These braids are popular among Hollywood celebrities, especially hip-hop artists. It creates a sleek look but doesn't feel bulky at the end.

Vixen Braid Pattern
It's versatile and can give you a look you've been dreaming of, such as a side braid or a hairstyle. Divide your hair into 2, 3, or even 4 sections, leaving gaps between them for side braids. For example, if you want to do a two-part French braid, you can do a two-part vixen braid. Try to do it just right to achieve a natural look.

Stitching pattern for honeycomb braids
This is the technique used for braid patterns with free partial lace closures. It is popular because it allows you to wear the desired hairstyle directly, such as curly braids or soft braids. Also, people who wear wigs like these braids because they are flat. When you braid your hair, it leaves a large surface area that can serve to enhance the sewn-in style.

U Part Weave Pattern
The U braid pattern offers wig wearers the versatility to experiment with different styling options. It blends perfectly with your hair system for a realistic look. Simply braid a U-shaped section of hair at the front of your head, then braid the remaining one as usual.

Asymmetrical Braid Patterns
Unique braid patterns are best for lace fronts. To give more versatility to braids and wigs, hairdressers have creatively created this braid pattern for lace front closures. It will give your hair alternative system a more believable and flatter look.

3 How do you make lace closure braids?

Before braiding your natural locks, it is important to determine where you want your actual part to be. You can put it on the left, right, or center. Your parting should be as far back as the length of your closure so you can place the lace closure on your head.

Step 1: Section your hair Before starting the braiding pattern, ensure your hair is clean and dry. Add some moisturizer to prevent it from being damaged. You take a rat tail comb and put a parting in the middle.

Divide your hair into two sides and put one side in place. Continue to part one side to make pigtails. You use the comb to make a small section at the beginning of your head; make a straight line from the middle to the ear part. Then take the remaining section of your head and gather it up.

Step 2: Start braiding your hair. Now, move on to the next step and create a braid pattern for the center lace closure. You braid your hair a little smaller. But don't over-pull your hair, as this may cause it to fall out. Then tie the ends of the braid so that it stays intact.

For a neat look, you can apply an edge control product or hairspray to the edges of your hair. These products help keep your braids and baby hair from getting too fuzzy for longer.

Step 3: Repeat around your head Continue doing this until you have all loose braids on your head. Put a little more around your edges. If the braids are too long, pin or sew them up to make them last longer.

It would be best if you changed the direction of the braids each time you installed the human hair wigto make it look more natural. At the same time, this is best for the health and safety of your mane.


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4 How do you keep the braid pattern for a long time?

1 Keep the straps tight and secure when creating braid patterns for lace closures. We recommend using loose braids to prevent damage to your hair. More importantly, moisturize your hair properly with natural oils during the braiding process to avoid the possibility of dry hair and scalp.

2 Use high-quality hair You want to avoid experiencing hair breakage and hair loss after just one week of use. Therefore, try to find strong and high-quality hair that will be sewn tightly to the lace closure.

3 Choose hair care products carefully. Get yourself something that has less harsh chemicals. It is best to avoid using sulfates in your shampoo. You can use conditioners and hair oils to make it shinier and smoother.

    5 Summary

    It is very cute to have a lace closure wig and create any braid you want whenever you want. You can choose the best braid pattern for lace closure wigs and try to do it.

    Changing your hairstyle is no longer an expensive and high-maintenance hobby. If you are satisfied with this post, please share it with us. We are very happy to hear from you.

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