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Price or quality, how do you choose a wig?

Consumers have been spending too much time looking for human hair wigs at reasonable prices. Today, the important role of human hair wigs is undeniable, especially when more and more people are facing multiple hair problems. Wigs have also demonstrated their place in helping people achieve their desired looks. 

Because everyone's income is different, this brings us to the question: What is the difference between a $200 human hair wig and a $1,000 wig? We have two wigs both made from human hair, so why should we pay more for the second one? This puts us in a pretty big "competition": price vs. quality. If you're looking for answers, check out this article.

1 Types of human hair

There are two common types of human hair types.

Natural hair. Hair that has not been subjected to a heating process or any kind of chemical treatment; and therefore remains intact. Due to its completely natural state, the cuticle of virgin hair grows in the same direction and you can bleach, dye, or do any processing you want.

Synthetic hair. Its cuticle runs in the same direction. Although this hair has a processing experience, it remains intact so it doesn't tangle.

    2 The main factors affecting the price of human hair wigs


    The price of a wig can vary depending on several factors, one of which is the quality of the hair and the time and effort invested in its creation. For every 5 cm increase in the length of the wig, the cost increases significantly.


      The cap of a human hair wig is another important factor that plays a role in determining its price. To provide the appearance of a real human scalp and to give the impression of a lace front wig, lace front wigs are usually handmade. The greater the amount of lace detail on the wig cap, the higher the price of the wig.


        The type of lace used to construct the wig will also have a substantial impact on the final price. Plain brown lace is less expensive than invisible lace or HD lace and appears less visible on the hairline after installation.

        However, this does not guarantee that a human hair wig will last longer than a synthetic wig or that the lace will be of higher quality. You can also easily add a bit of makeup to a cheap lace to make it blend in with your hairline, which is a good option for some people.

          3 Human hair wigs buying guide

          Finding good and affordable human hair wigs is not easy, but it does not have to be decisive. With this buying guide, things will become very simple.

          Step 1

          Determine your head size The first thing you need to do when you purchase any garment is to browse for the correct size. This is exactly what you have to do to find out affordable human hair wigs. There are three sizes on the market, which are petite, average, and large.

          The average size cap is the most common. If your head size is average, there will be more styles to choose from. Petite hats are also common, with a small percentage of women needing a large size.

          Prepare a flexible measuring tape. Push all of your hair back, starting from the middle of your hairline. Keep the band in place and then go down the back of your neck behind your ears. Loop back around, making sure to go behind the ear on the other side. Your circumference ends when you meet the end of the tape at the front.

          Once you have this number, use the size chart to calculate your measurements. In most cases, the head circumference will be sufficient, but some people may need to take another measurement, called a front-to-back. Use the tape we prepared earlier, also starting from the middle of the hairline. We will end the measurement at the root of the hair closest to your neck.

            Step 2

            Hair Type

            We mentioned above the two common human hair types (primary and Remy's hair), but people also classify them according to the genetic characteristics of the hair donor.

            Vietnamese hair: Known for its smooth and naturally straight texture. Soft, shiny, and tends to give off a luxurious touch.

            Cambodian hair: best suited for African-American women Slightly coarse, bouncy, and a bit wavy. Brazilian hair: has the perfect thickness, shine, and softness.

            Malaysian hair: with a dark brown color. It is naturally wavy, heavy, thick, and dense.

            Mongolian hair: comes in a wider range of colors (from light blonde to brown) and styles. The hair is soft and shiny, but finer than Brazilian hair.

            Peruvian hair: It may be straight, wavy, or very curly. The hair is thicker and thicker than Brazilian hair.

              With more expensive wigs, you expect to wear them longer and more often. You are free to style your hair in a variety of ways, heat it, and even use the hair care products of your choice. That's the beauty of a good quality wig. In addition to washing and heating it, you can also dye it the color you like best.


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              4 Summary

              While finding the best human hair wigs is not too challenging, you can still be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products available. Klaiyi will not let you down.

              They offer great customer service, and a wide variety of product types, and are you more likely to find an affordable human hair wig while still making sure it's fully qualified? Are there any other questions you need to be answered? We hope this article has been helpful to you.

              5 Feedback

              How would you choose, quality or price? Feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you for watching.

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