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Everything To Know About Faux hawk Hairstyle

A faux hawk, often abbreviated as "faux hawk" or "fohawk", is a hairstyle that mimics a traditional mohawk without completely shaving the sides. The word "faux" means "false" or "fake" in French, suggesting that the haircut creates the illusion of a hawk-like appearance without the dramatic shaved sides of a typical classic mohawk. The striking sides are shaved.

The faux hawk is a popular choice for those who want an edgy and modern hairstyle without going for the bold and unconventional look of a traditional mohawk. It offers a balance between a sleek look and a more traditional style.

1. History of the Faux hawk Hairstyle

The faux hawk hairstyle has its roots in the rebellious and edgy culture associated with the classic Mohawk, but it evolved to offer a more versatile and mainstream alternative. The mohawk itself has a long history with roots in Native American and other indigenous cultures, but it is valued in the Western world as a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity.

The term "faux-hawk" emerged in the early 2000s to describe a modified version of the mohawk that retained some of its distinctive features but was less extreme. The faux hawk became a popular choice for those who wanted a bold and stylish look but did not want to follow the traditional mohawk exactly with the sides shaved.

This hairstyle was favored by a variety of subcultures and made its way into mainstream fashion. The faux hawk became widely popular in the mid-2000s, with celebrities and athletes adopting the style, further pushing it into the public eye. As it became more accepted in mainstream culture, hairstylists and individuals began experimenting with different variations, adapting the faux hawk to suit different hair lengths, textures, and personal styles.

Today, the faux hawk remains a popular and enduring hairstyle choice for both men and women. Its adaptability and ability to blend edgy elements with a more traditional look makes it a stylish and accessible option for those looking for a unique and fashionable hairstyle.

faux hawk Hairstyle

2.How to create a faux hawk Hairstyle

Creating a faux hawk hairstyle involves designing your hair to mimic the look of a traditional mohawk without shaving the sides. Below is a general guide on how to create a faux hawk:

Tools and products:

Hair clippers or trimmers (optional, for keeping the sides long)

Hair styling scissors

Hairspray or moisturizing oil

Comb or brush Hair dryer (optional, for volume)

Footwork: Prepare the hair: If the hair is long on the sides, it may need to be trimmed or tapered to create a gradual transition from the sides to the center. Use scissors or scissors to achieve the desired length.

Washing and drying: Start with clean, dry hair. Washing your hair will help with styling, and if you plan to use a blow dryer, make sure your hair is completely dry.

Use styling products: Apply a styling product such as hairspray or moisturizing oil to the center of your hair. This will help hold the hair in place and create the desired spiky or raised effect. Make sure to distribute the product evenly.

Comb or Brush: Comb or brush the central part of the hair up and towards the center. The goal is to create volume and draw the hair towards the center of the head. If you want a more pronounced faux hawk, you can comb the hair slightly to add extra volume.

Design the center zone: Use your fingers or a comb to shape the center hair into the desired faux hawk look. You can set this to subtle or obvious depending on your personal preference.

Repair Shape: Use additional styling products as needed to maintain the faux hawk shape. Ensure hair stays in place and maintains desired height and texture.

Optional: Blow Dry Volume: If you want to add volume to your hair, use a blow dryer to set your hair to a cool or low temperature while lifting your hair from the roots. This can help set the style and create a larger faux hawk.

Final touches: Check the overall balance and shape of the faux hawk. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the style looks cohesive and well-defined.

faux hawk Hairstyle

3.Mohawk vs Faux Hawk: Key Differences

Mohawks and fauxhawks are two very different hairstyles that share some similarities, but also have key differences in terms of style and commitment. Here are the key differences between a mohawk and a faux-hawk:

Mohawk: Shaved edges:

Distinctive feature: the distinctive feature of a mohawk is that the sides are shaved or cut very short, leaving a longer strip of hair in the center of the head.

Bold: Due to the shaved sides, Mohawk hairstyles are often considered bolder and non-traditional.

Center Strip: The width of the longer strip of hair in the center of a Mohawk hairstyle may vary, usually extending from the forehead to the nape of the neck. The central strip may be upright, spiky or flat, depending on personal preference.

Cultural Association: The Mohawk Nation has a long history of association with various subcultures, including the punk and rock music scenes and Native American traditions.

False Eagle: False eagles retain longer hair on the sides, creating a less noticeable contrast between the center strip and the surrounding hair. Fauxhawks are more versatile and can be adapted to different lengths and styles without having to shave the sides.

Central Strip: Artificial Eagle's long central strip is usually less noticeable than Mohawk hair and can be more subtle or blended with the rest of the hair. Fauxhawks offer a range of styling options, from a subtle raised look to a more pronounced wavy look.

Popularity and Acceptance: Fauxhawks have gained wider acceptance in the mainstream fashion world as a more wearable and adaptable style. Faux hawk hairstyles are favored by celebrities and are often seen as a trendy and fashionable hairstyle.

While both Mohawk and Fake Hawk hairstyles share the concept of longer hair in the center, the key difference lies in the level of boldness and commitment to shaving the sides.

Mohawks are known for their more extreme and rebellious look, while faux hawks offer a more versatile and approachable option for those who want a stylish but less over-the-top hairstyle.

faux hawk Hairstyle

4. Faux Hawks for Different Hair Types

The faux hawk is a versatile hairstyle that can be adapted to different hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. Here are some general tips for creating faux hawks based on different hair types:

1. Straight hair: Straight hair is easy to work with when creating a faux hawk. It tends to hold its shape well. Use styling products such as hairspray or moisturizing oil to add texture and hold. You can create a sleek, polished faux hawk or a more messy and disheveled look to your liking.

2. Wavy hair: Wavy hair adds natural texture to the faux hawk for a more relaxed and casual look. Use lightweight styling products to enhance texture and embrace natural waves. You can create a beachy or messy faux hawk look by scrunching your hair together while styling.

3.Curly hair: Curly hair can add a lot of volume and dimension to a faux hawk. Curly hair can create a bold and striking look. Use styling products for curly hair, such as curl styling cream or mousse. Embrace natural curl patterns and consider letting some curls loose for a more carefree, textured faux hawk.

4. Thick hair: Thick hair provides plenty of volume to make the faux hawk more visible and noticeable. Use a strong styling product to define thick hair. Consider tapered or faded cuts on the sides to manage overall volume while maintaining the boldness and contour of the center strip.

5. Fine hair: Fine hair may require additional styling products to add volume and maintain the shape of the faux hawk. Use lightweight styling products to avoid weighing down fine hair. Lifting the roots while blow drying can add volume. Consider using a shorter faux hawk to give fine hair a more balanced look.

6. Short hair: You can create a sophisticated faux hawk even with shorter hair. The key is to have enough length in the center for styling. Use styling products to add texture and hold. Try different styling techniques to create a faux hawk that complements your short hair.

7. Long hair: Longer hair offers more styling options and you can create a more fluid and dynamic fauxhawk. Use styling products to define the center strip and create a structured or messy look. Try braiding or twisting for added interest.

faux hawk Hairstyle

5.Common mistakes to avoid

Creating a fauxhawk can be a fun and stylish adventure, but just like any hairstyle, there are some common mistakes people can make. Here are some mistakes to avoid when designing a faux hawk:

1. Mistake: Uneven length of the center strip or uneven taper on the sides can lead to a messy look.

Avoid: Take your time when trimming or tapering the sides. Use a mirror or ask for help to ensure a balanced and even cut.

2. Mistake:Using too much hairspray, moisturizing oil or other styling products can make hair look greasy and heavy.

Avoid: Start with a small amount of product and add more as needed. This prevents buildup and allows you to control the level of hold and texture.

3. Mistake: Failing to maintain healthy hair can affect the overall look of your faux hawk.

Avoid: Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. Consider using products that promote hair health and moisturization.

4. Mistake: Failing to consider your face shape when styling your faux hawk may result in a look that doesn't match your features.

Avoid: Consult with your hairstylist to determine the best faux hawk style for your face shape. For example, certain styles may suit a round face better than a square face.

5. Mistake: Failing to add texture and volume may result in a flat and uninspired faux hawk.

Avoid: Use styling techniques such as combing, crumpling or blow drying to add texture and volume to the center strip. This enhances the overall look.

6. Mistake: Not following the natural pattern of your hair can make styling more challenging.

Avoid: Embrace the natural texture of your hair and use it. Adjust your styling techniques to enhance rather than fight the hair's natural tendencies.

7. Mistake: Neglecting regular trims and maintenance can lead to a bushy look.

Avoid: Make regular appointments with your stylist to keep your fauxhawk looking sharp and well-maintained.

8. Mistake: Adding too many elements or making the style too complicated can hurt the overall look.

Avoid: Keep it simple and focused. Try variations, but don't overwhelm the style with too many details.

9. Mistake: Choosing a hairstyle without testing the haircut and face shape can lead to disappointment.

Avoid: Try different styling techniques and lengths before settling on your final faux hawk look. This can help you find what works best for you.

10. Mistake: Choosing a faux hawk style that doesn't match your personal style can make you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied.

Avoid: Choose a fauxhawk variant that complements your sense of style and personality. It should reflect your style preferences.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, fauxhawks are a stylish and adaptable hairstyle that offers a versatile alternative to more extreme mohawks. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, thick, fine, short or long, faux hawks can be customized to fit a variety of hairstyles and personal styles.

By avoiding common mistakes such as uneven trimming, overuse of products and neglecting your hair's health, you can create an elegant and stylish faux hawk look. Consider your face shape and embrace the natural texture of your hair to enhance the overall look of faux hawk. Regular maintenance, attention to detail and a willingness to experiment with different styles can help create a successful faux hawk hairstyle.

Also, remember to keep your faux hawk in line with your personal style to ensure it reflects your preferences and complements your overall look. Whether you prefer a sophisticated and refined faux hawk or a bold and edgy style, the key is to have fun with the styling process and express your personality.

If you're unsure of the best approach for your particular hairstyle or face shape, consulting with a professional hairstylist can provide invaluable guidance and ensure the creation of a customized, flattering faux hawk hairstyle.

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