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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Bleaching

For girls who want to try light-colored hair, hair bleaching is an essential task. It can make your hair color brighter and give you a better effect when dyeing your hair. If you are a wig lover and want your hair roots to look more natural, you also need to bleach your hair root. However, for some beginners or people who do not bleach their hair often, they may have many questions about hair bleaching. Today we have compiled some frequently asked questions, we hope they can be helpful to you.

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1.How to dispose of hair bleach?

Bleach is a potentially dangerous chemical, so if you do not use up the bleach after bleaching your hair, you need to dispose of the bleach correctly to avoid harm to your personal safety and the environment. Here are some ways to dispose of bleach.

1.Consult your local waste management guide. You can dispose of them according to the local hazardous materials disposal system and find out if there is a location that accepts things containing chemicals.

2.Give it to your neighbor or friend. If you don’t use up the bleach, you can give it to your neighbors, friends or others in need.

3.Dilute with water and discard. If you want to put bleach into the bathroom or toilet, be careful not to pour it out directly. Be sure to dilute it with plenty of water before pouring it. Don’t forget to add some water to the bottle too to make sure there is no residue on the bottle.

hair bleaching

2.Can hair bleach expire?

Does hair bleach powder expire? Many people may have such question.Of course, the shelf life of most bleach is usually 3 years, but please note that it is in the case where your bleach has not been opened. If your bleach has been opened, it is best to use it within six months after opening. So it is very necessary to remember the opening time of your bleach. If it expires, do not use it again because it will cause your hair to dry out and break.

3.Should I bleach my hair wet or dry?

A common question for beginners is, when do I use bleach? Can I put bleach on wet hair? The answer is yes. But the effects of using bleach on wet hair and dry hair are different, so let’s explore the differences.

1. Bleach can be applied faster on wet hair. When your hair is wet, the cuticle is open, allowing you to bleach faster. And drying hair takes longer. So when you're in a hurry you can try wet hair bleaching.

2. The bleaching effect will be better on dry hair. Since the water in your hair dilutes the bleach when your hair is wet, the final results may be affected. Dry hair can absorb bleach better, so bleaching dry hair is more likely to achieve the results you want.

3. Wet hair can create slight highlights. If you want natural yet soft highlights, try bleaching some hair on wet hair. The diluted bleach will make subtle changes on the hair, thus creating the highlight effect. Therefore, whether to bleach wet hair or dry hair depends on the actual situation. If you want a better bleaching effect, bleach dry hair. If you only want to bleach your hair a little or don’t have too much time, you can bleach it on wet hair.

Should I bleach my hair wet or dry

4.Can bleach hair be permed?

You can perm bleached hair. We can't all write off all bleached hair. Because everyone’s hair texture is different, the effects of bleaching are also different. Some people may need to bleach their hair several times to make their hair lighter, while others may be able to achieve the desired effect in one go. For some people with good hair quality, you can try to perm bleached hair, but you cannot perm your hair frequently. Besides, what you need to pay attention to is to find a professional hairstylist, use the least harm acid to the hair when perming, and take care of it carefully after perming. And if your hair is thin, or your hair is already very dry after bleaching, we do not recommend you to try a perm. This is because the bleached hair lacks keratin and is easy to burn during a perm.

5.How long to leave bleach on hair 40 vol?

You can leave it on your hair for 15-20 minutes. When it comes to bleaching, longer is not always better. Long-term bleaching will only damage your hair. 40vol is more harmful than 30vol. If you are a beginner, you can try it for 15 minutes, or try to use 30vol for bleaching first.

6.Do bleached hair fade?

Bleached hair will not fade back to your original color. Because bleaching breaks down the melanin in your hair, thereby lightening the color. However, the color may turn yellow or darker due to hair care products or environmental factors.

Can bleach hair be permed

7.How much does it cost to bleach your hair?

The cost of bleaching your hair can range from $50 to $400. It depends on how you go about bleaching your hair and what bleaching products you use. If you are very experienced, you can just buy some hair bleaching products and bleach your hair at home by yourself, which may only cost you a few dozen dollars. If you go to a salon and have your hair bleached by a professional hairstylist, the price may be higher. Different bleaching products may also affect your final cost.


Hair bleaching is a very complicated process. From hair bleaching techniques, to bleaching time, to the treatment of hair bleach after bleaching, you need to master a lot of knowledge to have a perfect hair bleaching experience. Whether you bleach your hair at home or seek help from a professional hairstylist, you need to take good care of your hair to reduce hair damage.

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