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Ultimate Wig Length Guide-Get A Perfect Wig For You

Wigs are a very effective way to update your look. When choosing wig, in addition to choosing the type, texture, and color of the wig, you also need to consider the length. Wigs of different length will look completely different. But when choosing the hair length, many people don’t know which length is suitable for them. Today we will learn about the different length of wigs and how to choose the right wig length. Let’s explore together!

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1.What Is Wig Length?

The wig length refers to the hair length of the wig which is measured from the top of the head to the hair roots after the hair is stretched. Usually the length of wig we offered is from 12 to 24 inches. Whether you want short hair or long hair, these lengths can meet all your needs. Some manufacturers may also offer hair lengths of 26 to 30 inches.

2.How Long Is A 14 Inch Wig?

In general, 14 inch hair is of the shoulder length. For straight hair,it can reach below the shoulders. It is a perfect length for long bob, if you are a fan of bob style, just try it! It’s low maintain but it can be styled for various styles.

How Long Is A 14 Inch Wig

3.How Long Is A 16 Inch Wig?

When talks about the 16 inch wig, it’s a medium length hair. The 16 inches hair falls to the chest. The longer length offers more possibilities of hair styling. Loose curls like body wave or tight curl curly hair are all worth trying hairstyles.

How Long Is A 16 Inch Wig

4.How Long Is A 18 Inch Wig?

The 18 inch wig can basically reaches the middle of your back. It is a very popular size purchased by women. Because it is considered to be long hair, which is more versatile in hairstyles, and the price is affordable. In terms of the hair texture, you can choose any of the textures that you like.

How Long Is A 18 Inch Wig

5.How Long Is A 20 Inch Wig?

The 20 inch wig is close to your waist and is also a hot picked hair length. You can create many stunning looks with this hair size. While the long hair looks more glamorous than short hair It will also be heavier than short hair and you also need to spend more time styling or caring for it.

How Long Is A 20 Inch Wig

6.How Long Is A 22 Inch Wig?

The 22 inch wig is a very attractive long hair that reaches just above your waist. We highly recommend you to try the layered loose curl look. It has face-framing effect and is suitable for all face shape.

How Long Is A 22 Inch Wig

7.How Long Is A 24 Inch Wig?

24 inches wig is super long hair that can reach your waist. For girls who loves to eye-catching hair, just rush to get the 24 inch wig. You can easily get the same hairstyle with Youtubers or Tiktok stars.

How Long Is A 24 Inch Wig

8.How Long Is A 26 Inch Wig?

Hair that over 24 inch is called extra long hair, the 26 inch wig can reach your tail bone. If you are wearing the 26 inch hair on the street, you must be envied by numerous girls.

How Long Is A 26 Inch Wig

9.Wig Length Chart To Refer.

After understanding the approximate length of each hair length, let us take a look at the lengths of hair with different textures. Since curly hair will look shorter than straight hair of the same size, so if you are considering buying a wig for curly hair, please look at the pictures carefully, which can help you make the right choice.

Wig Length Chart

10.How To Choose A Right Wig Length For Me?

Determine your ideal wig length. If you prefer short hair, you can choose hair length under 14 inch. For medium length hair, 16-20 inch hair will be the best choice. Hair length over 22 is perfect for girls who like long hair.

Confirm the hair texture you want. We have learned that curly hair will look shorter, so before choosing a size, it is best to determine the hairstyle you want, and then choose a desired length according to the look of the curly hair, For example, for a shoulder length hair, straight hair can Choose 14 inches, but if you want curly hair, you need to choose 16 or 18 inches.

Your height. The same length of extension cord will look completely different on two people of different heights. If you're shorter than average height, you'll probably like a length of 12 to 16 inches. If you are of average height, 18 to 24 inches is ideal. If you're taller than average, consider 24 to 30 inches.

Your budget. As we all know, the longer the hair is, the more expensive it will be. If you like medium length hair, but you have a tight budget, you can choose a length like 16 inch.

Your desired hair volume. Long hair will looks like less voluminous, if you want have a full look, try short wavy or curly hair, you will definitely love it!


Choosing a right wig length will make your final look more attractive. So You need to understand how long each length is.Besides, before making the decision, you also need to consider your ideal hair length, texture, volume and your personal height and budget which will help you make a good choice and get a perfect look.

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