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Two Hot Wig Video Reviews from AlwaysAmeera Fans

Today, Klaiyi Hair and AlwaysAmeera will show you two beautiful, affordable and high quality human hair wigs. Below you will find a product demonstration, product display and installation, and a real product wear review from fashion webmaster AlwaysAmeera, so we hope you can learn something from them and find a wig that you love.

1. Different Klaiyi Wigs and Reviews from AlwaysAmeera Fans and Customers

Below we will show two different wigs that AlwaysAmeera has worn and reviewed so that you can have a fuller understanding of the product and the options available to you.


Klaiyi Pre-Cut Lace Wig Put On and Go Wigs Reddish Brown Jerry Curly Lace Closure Wig Beginner Wig

First, AlwaysAmeera describes the features of the wig, then prepares the base and tries on the wig, next coloring the lace. The natural pull baby hair is then created at the closure to flatten the hairline.

Next, natural baby hair is created on the wearable wig to melt the hairline. Determine the parts of the wearable wig, the wearable wig style, the cut and layering of the wearable wig.

Next, determine the curl of the wearable curly wig and display the finished look. Finally, AlwaysAmeera offers an official coupon code.

Details about the wig

Ear to ear full frontal

Put on&Go Glueless Wig

Lace Size:13*4 pre everything lace frontal

Texture: Yaki straight

Length: 20 inch

Knots: Pre bleached tiny knots

Pre-plucked   Pre-bleached   Pre-cut



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2.The True Reviews Of Klaiyi Pre-Cut Lace Wig Put On and Go Wigs

Klaiyi Pre-Cut Lace Wig
Customers’ comments


I just want to say thank you Ameera for doing this tutorial. As soon as I saw the video, I ordered the same exact unit and it arrived in like 3 days (which I loved). . Thank you again Ameera


I'm living for these precut wigs. Definitely loving the color.


Love your videos. Thank you for showing the sides, if I get one of these I would have to get a natural color because of the sides.


This is a beautiful wig, Ameera! The color and style are very becoming on you. Thank you for this review!


I really love this look! Look really natural to tell you the truth! I love the this color too!!!! The curls are defined and juicy! Your makeup is flawless honey!!!!

3 Klaiyi 13x4 Pre-Everything Yaki Straight Put On and Go Glueless Wig

Video Introduction Includes,

what is a pre-everything wig?

How to Prepare My Base (Balaclava Method) 

How to color the lace of a wig

How to Flatten the Hairline of a Yaki Straight Lace Wig

How to Mix a Glueless Lace Front Wig

How to Attach a Glueless Lace Front Wig with Tape

How to Melt a Glueless Wig with Mousse and Make Doll Hair

How to Cut and Layer a Glueless Wig

How to Iron Straight Hair Finishing Straightening Styles and Blending Glueless Hairlines

How to Curl Your Hair

How to do Jacqui's Straight Gel-Free Styling

Finish Styling and Final Thoughts

End of video and coupon code.


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100% Human Hair Wigs, Tangle Free, No Shedding, Soft & Bouncy, Curly Hair Looks Glossy, Loose. 

Pre-plucked Hairline, Invisible Knots, Pre Cut Lace, Glueless Lace Wig, Put On and Go!

Multiple Clips & Adjustable Elastic Band For a Secure Fit.

Lace Size: 7*5/6*4.75

Hair Material: Human Hair

Density: 180%

Hair Color: #33B, Reddish Brown

Texture: Body Wave

Circumference: 22.5 Inch

4.The True Reviews Of Klaiyi 13x4 Pre-Everything wig

Klaiyi 13x4 Pre-Everything wig
Customers’ comments


Seeing double-sided tape on this wig is so cool to me cause it shows how old techniques are making a comeback. I know drag performers still use this method. I know drag performers still use this method.


Your videos are the only long videos I watch because I enjoy you, you're funny. I literally laugh out loud watching! Keep us laughing girl!!! And you do BOMB installs! And oh yea, I bought the wig!


This is cute! Surprised to see the tape again however, I started wearing lace wigs back in 2007, my first wig was $800 and tape was the thing, love you girl , my love you girl , my friend in my head!


This wig is stunning on you! And the waves give it the perfect amount of volume. Another great job.


I hope you won the fight with the tape. I love using that kind of tape but it can be a whole thing!


The pre-everything wig, a new product from klaiyi, is a new innovation in the development of wigs, suitable for novice wig wearers. It simplifies the steps of wig installation, and some of the work that requires skill, such as cutting lace, bleaching knots, and styling, is also done in advance. 

The bye bye knots wig comes with a built-in hook and loop strap with 8 adjustable slots for a secure and unsupported fit. Immediately tightens the entire head circumference for ultimate comfort, especially for smaller sizes. Naked feel material ensures comfort during extended wear. Both of these are a great value for the pop-up and highly recommended purchase.

In our daily life, we don't always wear the same color and style of wigs, and making some changes once in a while will make your appearance more stunning. Klaiyi Hair offers high quality real wigs with different textures and colors. You can have different choices. If you want to buy hot products, welcome to click it.

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