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Girl Hideous Without Makeup And Wig?

I recently saw a post where the girl said she looked ugly without makeup. She felt very anxious about it and didn't know what to do. After reading the comments, I found that She's not the only one who thinks this way, and there are even men who say that their girlfriends are hideous without makeup and wig. But is this really the case? So I want to have a discuss about this topic, why girls feel ugly without makeup and what can to be done to make girls beauty without makeup?

You will read in the post:

1.why girls feel ugly without makeup?
2.Accept the true self and accept your imperfections.
3. What can to be done to make girls beauty without makeup?


1.Why girls feel ugly without makeup?

Today with the rapid development of social media, pinterest, yuoutube, tiwtter, tiktock, facebook, etc have become indispensable to us every day. We look at beautiful faces from all over the world, look at the exquisite makeup of beauty bloggers, look at the elegant styles of celebrities, try various photo editing software and start doing various makeup looks. Then we seem to forget who we really are. Yes, we slowly start to become picky. Why is my skin not so good? Why is my nose and face so big? We begin to suffer from endless anxiety. But what I want to say is that makeup is for us to see a better version of ourselves, not to doubt or dislike our true selves.

2.Accept the true self and accept your imperfections.

Alicia Keys
At a VMA awards ceremony, Alicia Keys attend the event without makeup not to mention eyebrows, eye shadow and eyeliner, etc., “I didn’t even put on the lipstick that is a must-have for girls when going out.” It was really a bare face. Although she appeared without makeup, it did not affect her performance at all, but made her more natural and generous. Many people gave her bad comments and laughed at her, However, she said: "When I first entered the entertainment, I was always being urged by people around me, saying that I was not pretty enough, too tough, and like a man... so I gradually became a chameleon. I never want to cover up who I am anymore, not my face, nor my mind, soul, thoughts, dreams, struggles, and emotional growth." "One time the photographer asked me to go directly to the camera without makeup. I was a little uneasy at first, but I didn't expect the result to be amazing - I had never seen myself so beautiful and real." Since then, she has chosen to face the world with her true self with her tenacious attitude and tenacious ideas that are not restricted by the narrow vision of the world. She fell in love with the feeling of going without makeup.

3.What can to be done to make girls beauty without makeup?

Stay good habit, do not sleep late. Staying up late will make your skin worse and make you look tired and old.
Keep exercising

Keep exercising, stay in good shape. Exercising for at least half an hour every day can keep you in good shape and look young. You don’t need to be thin, a healthy body is the best. 

Skin Care

Regular skin care. Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, you must keep your skin clean regularly, and at the same time, do good food, sun protection, moisturizing and other skin care tasks. This can reduce many skin problems.


Smile. Smile is the simplest and most universal language in the world. A genuine smile will make you look great. Even without makeup, the smiling face will be attractive. But it’s worth noting don’t have a rigid smile, it will only make you unnatural. Ignore other’s bad comments. Don't worry about other people's negative comments about your appearance. Like Colbie Caillat wrote in her song "Get your shopping on, at the mall, max your credit cards. You don't have to choose, buy it all do they like you? do they like you?" Wait a second, why should you care, what they think of you when you're all alone, by yourself do you like you?" You are the most important, not others. 

Enrich the spiritual world." All good-looking skins are the same, but interesting souls are only one in a thousand", which comes from Wilde's novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray". It means that people should not chase people too much on the outside, but also look at the inside. Inner beauty is the most valuable and worth cherishing. 

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