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How long Is 16 Inches Of Hair?

16 inches hair is a perfect size for most girls because it is neither too long nor too short. It can not only create a feminine appearance, but also be easy to take care of. However, for those who have never tried 16 inch length hair, they may have some questions about it. Today let’s take a look at how long 16 inches is with different hairstyles and the change of 16 inch hair extensions before and after, which will be helpful for you whether to choose 16 inches of hair.


1.How long Is 16 Inches Of Hair?

How long Is 16 Inches Of Hair

16 inch hair length is a medium length, but for different hair texture, the same 16 inches will totally look different. For straight hair, 16 inches reaches to the center of the armpit and the back, but for curly hair, he might only be shoulder length.

2.16 Inches Of Straight Hair

16 Inches Of Straight Hair

Straight hair 16 inches is a low maintain but stunning hairstyle. It is frequently seen on red carpet. Celebrity like Zendaya is one of the people who likes this sleek hairstyle. If you have straight hair and want to style the hair, high ponytail, low ponytail, half up half down are the perfect hairstyles you can choose.

3.16 Inch Curly Hair

16 Inch Curly Hair

The 16 inch length curly hair is a gorgeous look. Whether side parting or middle parting, you can easily create a charming hairstyle. To style the hair, top knot, mess bun are both the good choice. 

4.16 Inch Braiding Hair

16 inch braiding hair

If you like braiding hair, 16 inch braiding hair is also a good hairstyle too choose. Th fluffy defined curls can easily create a full thick look.

5.16 Inch Hair Extensions Before And After

16 inch hair extensions before and after

If you have short hair but want to try 16 inch hair extensions length, you can change the shape through hair extensions. Hair extensions can simply change the length, density, and style of your hair. It has less damage than curling or straightening hair. However for beginners, they may wonder what it look like for 16 inch hair extensions before and after. Here is what it looks like and you can take it as a reference.

6.16 vs 18 Inch Hair Extensions.

When talks about 16 vs 18 inch hair extensions, there are some differences you need to notice, if you are considering to get one of the length.

Firstly, the most noticeable difference in length. 18 inch hair is 5 cm longer than 16 inches, if you have short hair, you can choose 16 inches. It is not too longer than your hair and can create a natural look. But if you have medium length hair or want to extend your hair, then 18 inches will be a better choice.

Secondly, volume is also a different aspect. 16 in hair can add volume to your hair, But 18 inch hair will looks fuller than 16 inch hair. So for girls with thin fine hair, both 16 inch and 18 inch can achieve the effect of increasing hair volume. If you want a fuller look, 18-inch will be better.

Maintenance. The longer the hair is, more maintenance it will need. So if you want 18 inch hair, you need to pay more attention on hair caring, especially the curly hair.



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16 inch long hair lies between long hair and short hair. It’s the right option for girls want medium length hair. Now we have known how long 16-inch hair is, 16 inch hair extensions before and after, and the differences between it and 18 inch hair. So would you like to try it? I believe you will get an amazing look!

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