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HD Lace Wig, Everything You Need To Know

Have you heard of HD lace wigs? Or do you often hear comments about liking HD lace wigs? HD lace wigs are a popular lace wig. Many regular customers have choosed to HD lace wigs many times.

Some people have tried HD lace wigs before.Today's article will cover everything you need about HD lace wigs. This is a great introduction to the product for beginners who want to buy an HD lace wig.

1 What is an HD lace wig?

HD means High Definition, which means that HD lace wigs are made with a higher level of technology.  Its types include HD lace front wigs, HD closed wigs, 360 HD lace wigs, full HD lace wigs, etc. It is very soft, smooth, light and paper-like. These properties of HD lace wigs give you a natural, undetectable hairline.


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2 Advantages of HD lace wigs

Natural effect. 

HD lace wigs provides a natural hairline when applied to the scalp. It provides the natural illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. It is difficult for others to tell if you are wearing a wig.

Suitable for all skin tones. 

Unlike sheer lace wigs, which are more suitable for lighter skin tones. HD lace wigs can match almost all skin tones. HD lace looks like your own scalp when it is attached to your scalp. For all consumers, it can be considered a no-fault choice.


HD Lace wig is now the thinnest and softest lace material on the market. It provides you with premium breath-ability and comfort after installation.

Save more time.

Unlike sheer lace, which may require bleaching to achieve a more natural illusion, HD Lace wig uses transparent colours that automatically match all skin tones very well. To make HD lace more natural on darker skin tones, apply some makeup to the lace after glueing. It saves more preparation and is ideal for beginners.

Less itchiness or irritation.

Because HD lace wigs are made from the thinnest, softest lace, it causes less itchiness or irritation to the skin than regular lace. This is a healthy option for consumer with sensitive skin.

    3 How to wear an HD lace wig?

    Installing an HD lace wig is the same as installing any other lace wig. You must avoid scuffing or tearing the HD lace material when installing it.

    Put on the wig cap. Place the HD lace wig on your head. If you want a more natural-looking hairline, you may pull out the wig, remembering to be careful and gentle to avoid tearing the lace. If your wig is already pre-pulled, go through the plucking process.

    Adjust the straps on the inside back of the wig cap to hold your HD lace front wig nicely in the correct position you want it to be.

    Turn the lace front up and spray some wig glue along your hairline. Then glue the HD lace up. Blow dry the wig glue at a low temperature.

    Cut off the excess lace with sharp scissors.Then,comb the hair with a small brush to make it look neat.

    Style your HD lace front wig as you wish. 100% human hair HD lace front wigs allow you to expose your entire hairline, offering endless styling possibilities. You can choose to straighten, curl or pull all of your hair back into a neat ponytail.

      4 How to care for your HD lace wig

      A perfect HD lace wig needs good and proper care to prolong its life. Next, here are some good HD lace wig daily care tips for your reference.

      Regular shampooing and care of HD lace wigs.

      Comb the HD lace wig before washing it.

      Use warm water for washing. HD lace is ultra-thin and fragile. Hot water may damage the HD lace.

      After washing, use a dry towel to absorb the water. Do not wring or rubbing.

      Put the HD lace wig on the wig stand and let it air dry.

      Do not do any hairstyle or combing when the HD lace wig is wet.

      Regular use of shampoo and conditioner will make your HD lace wig soft, strong and easy to care for.

        Protect your HD wig from the sun and chemicals.

        Sunlight can make wigs dry, rough, brittle and frizzy. UV rays from the sun can easily cause damage to HD lace wigs. People must be concerned about protecting their wigs from sunburn in the hot summer months.

        Dyeing requires chemicals on the hair and the lace that can damage your HD wig.

          Don't sleep with your HD lace wig.

          Sleeping with a wig can damage your HD wig's hair quality. There is friction between the pillow and the wig, making the wig frizzy and tangled the next day. Then it takes more time and effort to care for the HD wig.

          However, HD lace wigs are more breathable than other hair wigs. Wearing an HD wig all day can also cause the scalp to be unable to breathe. This is not healthy for the scalp.


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            5 Summary

            The above is a full description of the HD lace wig, and if you are a beginner wig, we recommend you buy this HD lace wig, or for fewer wearing steps, welcome to our store to buy an HD Glueless wig, so you experience more convenient and fast in your daily life. By the way, we have started the store's fifth anniversary, and all wig price are of super discount.

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