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How to Choose a Hairstyle?

Choosing a perfect hairstyle can be difficult for someone as there are thousands of styles available in the market. Whether you prefer your barber's look or any celebrity's look you must know about different hairstyles. Also, you have to know about the basic precursors required for a certain hairstyle. Different hairstyles usually serve different purposes and occasions.

Also, Wigs human hair have become an important fashion item for women as they can now swap hairstyles within minutes without any hassle. Women are opting for wigs rather than trying new hairstyles. In this article, I will discuss how to choose a perfect hairstyle and Why should you choose a hair wig instead of Haircuts.

How to Choose a Hairstyle:

Face Shape:

It is very common for people to think that their face shape is simply just round. But in fact, it is not. For determining a perfect Face shape, you have to consider your hairline, width, and length of your face, and jawline. The easiest way to determine your face shape is by pulling your hair back, taking a lip pencil, look in the mirror, and trace the outline of your face. The most common categories are the long face; oval face; square face; round face, heart-shaped face; and diamond-shaped face.

Oval Shaped face:

Usually the length of the face is longer than the width and the jawline is narrow. Best hairstyles for oval faces: Bob hairstyle cuts. Side Swept bangs. Sleek Hairstyles. Shoulder-length cuts. Hairstyles to Discard: Heavy Bangs.

Square Shaped Face:

Strong, angled jawline with forehead, cheekbones, and jawline having the same width. Straight hair with long layers and short bobs like blonde wig bob cut looks amazing in Square faces. Avoid overly thick bangs or blunt hairstyles, as this could accentuate the angles on your face even more. Curls can also widen your face, so opt for a certain hairstyle of loose weaves or straight hair.

Round Face Shape:

Same wide and length with no prominent angles or corners. Women usually look very younger in this face shape. Women having a babyface should try to choose a hairstyle that helps them to elongate their face and appear more oval. Short hairstyles are always preferred. You can also try wide curls to make your appearance more beautiful.

Heart-Shaped Face:

Heart shape faces have the widest hairline and narrow chin. Long hairstyles can be performed very gorgeously by keeping a deep side part with loose waves. You can also try shoulder-length Bob Hairstyles and you should always short and baby bangs.

Long Shaped Face:

For a long face, women should try hairstyles that make the face appear wider. So, curls can be a very good option. Flat iron waves and long layers that break at the collarbone. Women should avoid sleek and Very long hairstyles in case of having a long face shape.

Diamond Shaped Face:

In this case, Forehead and jawline are the same widths and the widest part of your face is at your cheekbones with a narrow chin. Any sleek and straight hair cut would look just fantastic. You can also try High ponytail Styles.

      These are some common facts and factors to consider for a Haircut and for trying a new look. But it has become very difficult for everyone to try a new dashing hairstyle every month or so. These are where wigs come in.

      Wigs are hair extensions or covering for the head made of real or artificial hair. With the help of wigs, you can try different hairstyles without and hassle. You do not need to cut your hair or do anything. It is a very easy, comfortable, and Cheap process of trying out new hairstyles and looks.

      You can go to work with a certain Hairstyle and after work, you can go to a party with another hairstyle. All these things are only possible wigs.

      You have to know about some factors if you want to choose a wig. These facts will help you to choose the Best Fashionable and trendy wig for yourself.

      Choosing the Best Wig:

      Type of hair:

        Different types of hairs are available in the market. All are from various price ranges. They are mainly human hair, 100% virgin human hair, and Synthetic hair.

        100% virgin human hair is the best quality hair available in the market. As hair cuticles kept running in uniform direction resulting in less tangling in Virgin human hair. Also, very important quality control and processing are done to prepare virgin human hair to make it the most durable, long-lasting, and can be easily styled hair available in the market.

        Human hair can also be categorized into:

        Brazilian hair: Soft, thick, Natural, and very durable. Not chemically processed and has the highest quality of hair extensions.

        Peruvian Hair: Permits heavy styling and restyling with great curl results. Very durable and versatile.

        Malaysian Hair: It is extremely good looking and has a Sensual feel to it

        Indian Hair: Light and bouncy. Has a very natural wave style with a tangle-free operation.

          Type of Wigs:

            Different types of wigs are available in the market. Ex: Headband wigs, human hair half wigs, Full lace wigs, Lace front wigs, Pu skin wigs. All these types have different benefits and different drawbacks. Like Full lace wigs give the most natural look but it requires certain adhesives to stick in place. Using adhesives on the scalp can be a problem for some people.

            Headband Wig Curly Human Hair

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              It is very important to choose the perfect size of the wig. The perfect size of the wig determines and completes your natural look. So, try to choose the correct size and length of the wig.

              Texture and Color:

                The main benefits of using wigs are tons of shades and textures of wigs are available for different hairstyles. If you want a long hairstyle you can opt for any long wavy hairstyle or Long straight hairstyle. In case you want a short hairstyle for work or any other purpose you can choose from bob blonde hair to bob curly hairstyles.

                Thousands of shades, textures, and colors are waiting for you to choose from.

                Face Shape:

                  just like Hairstyles, Wigs also depend on face shapes. Skin color also plays a very important role. You can choose a wig for yourself according to your face shape which was discussed before in this article.

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