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The Versatility NEW 3- Part Wig Natural Hairline Beginner Friendly Install / Klaiyi Hair

Three-part wig is a lace closure wig that is very versatile and allows you to have a natural hairline. Beginner-friendly installation, if you are new to wigs, it will surely bring you many surprises. Lifestyle YouTube blogger Dominique A will share the detailed composition of 3-part wig and how to install and manage it.

Presentation of 3-part wig

1. 3-part wig is a wig type that is further innovatively designed on the basis of T part lace wig. You can see the picture below.

Three Part Lace Part Wig

The 3-part wig has three lace slits that are 4.15 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. These three lace slits can provide you with a natural look, show the color of the fake scalp, and give you the opportunity to change more hairstyles. Whether it's a middle or partial score, or a ponytail, you are free to enjoy the good time it brings you.

Three Part Lace Part Wig

 2. The false scalp used inside this wig is equipped with clips to fix the wig, and an adjustment strap is designed to adjust the elasticity according to the actual size of the user's head. This design gives users a good and comfortable experience.

The hairline of 3-part wig is made of lace closure. This design can create a natural hairline for you, and it can also easily allow you to design a baby hair.


3. Here is a brief introduction to the information of this product to help you understand.

three part  wig straight hair

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※Item: Klaiyi Hair Three Part Wig Straight Hair  

※Hair Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair, Virgin Straight Hair

※Hair Color: Natural Color

※Hair Grade: Straight Hair, Medium Luster, Bleach/Dye Friendly

※Hair Length: 16inches-24 inches is available,

※Hair Part: Three Part

※Lace Wig Type: Lace Closure Wig

※Cap Size:22-22.5 inches

※Touch: Very Soft, thick

Three part wig installation

1. You need to tidy up your hair first and put on a wig cap to prepare for installation.

2. Next, you need to put on the wig, and then adjust the position and tightness (you can fix the position through the clip and adjust the elastic band to a comfortable level).

3. Cut off the extra lace on the hairline to facilitate subsequent operations.

4. Use glue to glue the wig to the skin along the hairline. You can decorate it with a foundation to make it look more real and flawless.

5. If you want a baby hair, this is a very simple operation, you can get inspiration from the video.

6. After everything is done, you need to take care of your wig. You can apply some conditioner to make it look brighter and more natural, or you can use a wig tool to perfect a hairstyle you want.


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