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How To Prolong Your Hair Extension?

When you have beautiful Klaiyi hair extensions, but don't know how to store them. If you can't take care of it in the way you're used to, the beautiful look may not last long. Therefore, everyone needs to know how to store hair extensions to prolong their life. In this article, we'll share everything you need to know about storing hair extensions properly.

1.Benefits of storing hair extensions

First, let's discuss some of the benefits of storing hair extensions safely.

1 Keep them wearable When hair extensions are stored properly, they will wear better. When you don't use your hair extensions, store them well so they don't lose their beauty.

2 No need for tangles After storing hair extensions, there is no need to deal with tangled hair. If you don't store your hair extensions later, the hair will be in a mess. It is impossible to untangle it without damaging the extensions. Even if they try to untangle it, it will take a lot of time.


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2.Things you should do to maintain hair extensions

While it is important to store your hair extensions properly, there are some precautions you need to keep in mind to maintain your hair extensions.

The following are things you should do to maintain your hair extensions:

1 Let your extensions air dry each time you wash them. Use a hair dryer to dry the extensions, making sure the dryer does not tangle the hair.

2 Use a perm to straighten the extensions before combing them.

3 When storing, make sure the extensions are completely dry, as damp extensions can absorb dirt quickly. Damp extensions can easily attract bacteria. You should not leave extensions in a place where there is a lot of moisture.

4 Please keep them away from UV rays.

3.How to store hair extensions?

The following are effective ways to store hair extensions:

1 Keep them in a box

The easiest way to store hair extensions is in a box. If you do not use hair extensions often, store them in a box with your hair extensions. To store in the box: Gently brush the extensions until it becomes smooth. Twist the extensions and place them in the box. Close the box and put it in the closet.

2 Make the most of hair extension hangers

You can use hair extension hangers to store it. These hangers are designed for extensions. If you don't want to spend money on these hangers, you can also use regular hangers. The hanger will be the best choice for girls who use clip-on weft on a daily basis. It will prevent hair extensions from being damaged.

In addition, you can easily remove extensions when you need them. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use hangers to store hair extensions: You need to brush the extensions properly to make sure they don't get tangled. Make sure the extensions become smooth. Hang it on a hanger and put it in your closet.

3 Hair storage bags

There are some bags that are specifically designed to store hair extensions. If extensions are expensive, then you have to take care of them by buying these bags. These bags come with hangers that girls can use to clip extensions. The following is a step-by-step method to store their extensions: Use the hanger to clip the hair extensions. Place the hanger with extensions in the bag. Make sure the bag is properly zipped up. Put the bag in the closet.

4 Create your own extension storage

If you have any spare boxes, use them to store your hair extensions. You can also keep it in a drawer, which will keep the hair extensions looking nice. However, never put hair extensions in a sealed container. In a storage bag If you want to be more careful and organized, you can buy a hair extension storage bag. It will protect your extensions from dust and other potential causes of damage. You can keep it safely in your closet, and if you are traveling, this is the best way to carry your extensions with you.

We hope you have found a way to avoid any mistakes when storing your hair extensions.

Some tips

Do not use any vacuum bags, plastic or glass containers, as the bags can harbor nasty bacteria or mold. Alternatives to storage boxes are breathable materials such as cotton, bags with mesh vents, dresser drawers or cabinets.

Keep them in a dry, cool place.

This is because hair extensions do not absorb any form of moisture like regular hair. Excess moisture can lead to matting and intertwined roots. When removing tangles, hair extensions may be damaged.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Sunlight can naturally lighten the color of hair extensions. It is more noticeable for extensions with the following colors: copper, red and pastel shades.

When traveling, you will definitely want to carry hair extensions. One needs to know the best way to store hair extensions without causing any damage. The following are ways of storing hair extensions for travel: Put the extensions in a box.

Place the box in a suitcase that has enough space to accommodate the case. If you can't put it in a suitcase, then buy a small travel bag, especially a hair extensions bag.


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4. How to bring hair extensions back to life

If you leave your hair extensions lying around, you will have a lot of tangles. However, don't worry, because they can bring hair extensions back to life.

The following are the best ways to bring hair extensions back to life: Take some hair conditioner and add it to hot water. Then, put the tangled extensions into the water. Leave it overnight. You should use cold water to clean the extensions. Let the extensions dry naturally.

Occasionally, you can spray a little oil on the extensions to straighten them. Gently brush the extensions by making sure no damage is caused. Finally, apply a natural oil to restore the shine to the extensions.


In conclusion, hair extensions can lose their quality over time if not properly maintained. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the steps to store extensions in the best way possible. Follow us and we will always update useful articles, you can also comment below on what you want to know most about wigs and we will help right away.

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