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New Reviews About Klaiyi Hair Store

As we all know, customer reviews are very important to help new consumers to clear the mines and know the satisfaction and favorability of this brand in the fastest time. For this reason, we decided to update 2 reviews type articles every month to help every consumer who follows klaiyi hair store.

1.What is the Trustpilot?

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2.About Google Customer Reviews

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3.Good reviews About Klaiyi Hair Wigs

Reviews from Trustpolit

  1. Will be using this company from now on! The hair came so fast!!! The hair was super soft and no shedding.
  2. This hair is amazing, it doesn't smell, the hair is soft and manageable. The shipping was super fast and handled just right. You have to try this hair...and the lace is so natural. I definitely will be ordering again :)
  3. The hair came very quickly, and I enjoy the texture and length for the price. It blends very well with my real hair and people have been giving me compliments all day. Thanks again!
  4. I love the service, they respond really fast, they appreciate purchases, and they are just amazing overall. I love the way the unit fits me, I believe it provides great coverage.

Reviews from Google

  1. Klaiyi Hair is so amazing. The hair is so soft and the shipping is really fast. I really love it.
  2. Love the color. Would love a video how to take care of the hair. But I’m buying the whole collection.
  3. Klaiyi Hair is one of my favorite websites for my hair needs I will continue shopping here if needed.
  4. I'm so in love with my natural klaiyi, reddish brown skillful made every thing I wanted gorgeous.
  5. Great customer service, Pretty lace frontals wig, Fast shipping , Quick response online inquiries.
  6. I love my hair it came out, so perfect. I will be ordering more hair from you guys. Thank you so much.

4.Bad reviews About Klaiyi Hair Wigs

  • I’m trying get in contact to return a wig and the email or number don’t work smh.
  • My last 2 wigs didn't look nothing like the pictures. They both were irregular. The cut was way off and uneven also there was no curls or waves in either wig.
  • The wig I ordered is not the one I received,,,,,the one the that been advertised is not what I got,,,all good.
  • I love the hair it feels like a good quality the only thing is there are alot of red hairs in it. I hope the quality will be the same after I install.
  • The company is easy to work with and shipping is fast the only thing is one of my purchases wasn’t good quality but I love it but I’m trying to see how I can fix it it also has an odor.
  • I never received my item. I purchase the 4×6 pre-cut curly highlight wig. I paid for it, waited for 4 days. When I finally reached out to them I was told the wig needed to be made and wouldnt arrive for 2 weeks. I got a refund quickly.


Understanding these reviews and finding the most honest answers, whether they are good or bad reviews, klaiyi store will be unanimously committed to providing beauty to all women and will listen to these reviews and improve them in a timely manner, so check it out.

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