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How To Wear a Hat With Curly Hair

The hat is a great decoration and it can also protect you in bad weather. But for girls with curly hair, you may have heard that hats and curly hair don’t mix and then worry that curly hair will flat your curls, but is this really the case? Today’s article will focus on the precautions for wearing a hat with curly hair, how to style curly hair when wearing a hat and tips on avoid hair getting frizzy.

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1.Will hats ruin your curls?

Many girls with curly hair dare not wear hats, fearing that hats will cause hair loss. Usually, wearing a hat will not cause hair loss, and the hat can protect your hair from ultraviolet rays, strong wind, or high temperatures. But if you wear a hat every day and the hat is tight, it will flatten your curls and may cause hair loss if your hair is already fragile.

2.Things to know about wearing a hat with curly hair.

Get a suitable hat. A suitable hat can make your hairstyle more charming, but you need to a suitable hap size. If the hat size is too big, the hat will slid or fall down while the small size will make your head very uncomfortable.

Get a lightweight hat. A lightweight hat will make it more comfortable and enjoyable to wear. It will be better for your hair and won't weigh it down.

Make sure your hair is dry. Before wearing the hat, please make sure your hair is dry. Wet or damp hair can cause the bacteria which will do harm to your scalp.

Avoid some inappropriate hair style. If you are going to wear a hat, it is not recommended that you choose a up-tied hairstyle, such as top knot, half up bun style, which will push your hat upwards, making the hat very unstable and not suitable for girls with square or diamond-shaped faces.

3.How to style curly hair with a hat?

Low Bun Style

Low Bun hat style

Curly hair looks cute and playfully feminine when it is paired with a baseball cap. To get the same hairstyle, you can first comb a ponytail and the ponytail cannot be too high. Make sure that the ponytail can be pulled out from the hole in the back of the baseball cap. Then comb the ponytail into a bun, so that your hat will be more secure and you also have a stylish hairstyle. If you want to achieve the effect of face-framing, you can leave some hair on both sides of your forehead as shown in the picture.

Truck All Hair In Hat.

all hair in hat
all hair truck in hat

This is the easiest way to get a curly hair hat look. No matter you have long or short hair, you can get a great hairstyle no matter what kind of hat you like. You can put your hair on both sides of your face to show off your full hair and frame your face. If you have long hair, you can also pull your hair to one side of your shoulders to create a casual and relaxed look.

Simple Low Ponytail

Low ponytail with hat

A simple low ponytail style is suitable for almost all hat types. Whether you want to wear a baseball cap, beanie, or visor hat, a low ponytail can give you a perfect look. If you want your curls to be more bouncy, you can use some hair mouse on your ponytail.

Braid Pigtail With Hat

Braid pigtail with hat

Braided ponytails are also very versatile. From beans to some brimmed hats, you can easily create a casual look. You can do a basic braid, or just twist it, or if you're good at braiding, you can also try a fish-bone braid or a French braid.

Bubble Hair Hat Style

Bubble Hair hat style

Bubble hair is very similar to braided ponytail, but bubble hair is more suitable for those who are not good at braiding or don’t have time to braid hair.


4.How to avoid hair getting frizzy?

1.Keeping your hair moisturized. Moisturized hair can make your curls more bouncy and help reduce breakage or hair loss caused by dry hair. So in daily care, you need to deep condition your hair regularly, and often use some moisturizing products, such as coconut oil or shea butter. It should be noted that we use hair oil to moisturize the hair, not to make the hair damp, so remember to use it when the hair is dry.

2.Braiding your hair in bad weather. When encountering bad weather such as strong winds, it is best to braid our hair to reduce the friction between the hair and the wind. This will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy easily.

3.Cut off split ends. When your hair has split ends, it will inhibit hair growth and make the ends of your hair dry and prone to tangles. So you need to trim the split ends. You can go to a barber shop for help, or you can trim it yourself at home. If you don’t know how to trim it, you can read our previous article: How to trim your hair at home.


Wearing a hat can make your style more diverse. Even girls with curly hair don’t have to worry about their hair being damaged by wearing a hat. Maintain good hair care habits to prevent dry hair, and choose the right hat and hairstyle, you will get a fabulous look, so curly hair girls, try your hat hairstyles boldly!

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