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How To Wear A Wig With Glasses?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, "How do I wear a wig with glasses a wig with glasses"? I had the same question the first time I wore a wig. For many people, wearing glasses is a necessity, but combining the two can sometimes be tricky.

What can you do to successfully wear both without wearing contact lenses or a wig? Welcome to read this article; I hope it will answer your confusion.

1.Why wear a wig and glasses at the same time ?

  • Social Demand.   According to the American Council on Vision, 64% of Americans wear glasses, which is growing. If this includes you, you may wonder how to wear a wig over your glasses. While contact lenses are also popular these days, and you don't have to worry about the complications of wearing a wig, many consumers still prefer to wear regular eyes.

  • Unique style.   For some online celebrities, glasses are the icing on the cake, and they like to combine wigs and glasses for better photos and videos.

  • 2.How to wear a wig and glasses at the same time ?

    Before we learn to wear glasses and wigs, let's understand two basics.

    hat fall details

    Most wigs have earpieces. Earpieces are a feature sewn into the bottom of the wig for comfort and placement assistance. Most contain metal spacers, wired to support wearing flush with the temples for a natural look.

    wig cap details

    Open Weft Caps

    Don't worry if you have a thin frame or want a wig without open ear tabs, don't worry. An open weft cap will do the trick. The open part of an open weft cap allows your glasses to slide over and rest on your ears.

    Measure thoroughly.

    If you plan to wear glasses with a HD Glueless wig , the most recommended thing we can do is to make sure your wig fits your head. This means measuring your head thoroughly to make sure the earpieces are in the correct position and don't interfere with your glasses by being too low.
    Tuck the eyeglass arms under the wig earpieces.

    If you tuck the eyeglass arms neatly under the tabs, your glasses will not push uncomfortably against your wig and vice versa. Overall provides more security and ensures that your glasses stay intact and don't slip off throughout the day.
    Place your glasses on the earpieces of your wig.

    If it feels strange or uncomfortable to tuck your glasses' arms underneath your wig's earpieces, then wearing your glasses above the earpieces may be the right choice for you. To get the most comfortable fit, you need to consider the construction of the wig cap. People prone to tension headaches may prefer to slide the frame over the earpiece, which helps reduce pressure.
    Adjust metal wig brackets.

    The metal brackets on the ear hangings are great for holding the wig firmly in place, but they don't fit well when placed next to or near your glasses. You will free up more room for your glasses to sit on your face by pushing them up slightly.
    Try them on.

    Our final recommendation is to try different ways of putting on your wig and wearing your glasses to see what works. But be careful! Do not force your glasses into the earpiece.

      3.Five tips to know

      1 To improve the fit of wearing wigs and glasses, you can go to an optician to have the optometrist make adjustments.

      2 For consumers who often wear glasses, consider choosing longer eyeglass legs. The benefit is to help glasses add volume to the wig and minimize damage to the wig.

      3 When you try a new way to wear glasses on a Lace Front Wig, stick with it for a while to get used to it, and don't give up right away.

      4 You can also try glasses designed for running, with extra fixation at the back, which is helpful when worn on a wig.

      5 You can use scissors to cut off some loose hair so that they hang nicely on the arms of the glasses and look more natural.


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        I remember the first day I wore my new wig to work, and I didn't even think about how to put on my glasses. I never thought about it until I got to work and had to put them on. At first, it was awkward. Do the glasses go under or over the earmark? Later, I became a pro in the wig field.

        Through the introduction of this article, we hope to provide some references so that you can better appreciate the charm and practicality of both. Of course, if you have other confusing questions, come to our store and ask about the topic in detail. We are always committed to providing the most satisfactory service.


        We hope our wig tips on how to wear a wig with glasses were helpful to you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or post a comment below.

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