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How to maintain your lace front wigs?
Do you know how long your front lace wig will last? Do you know how to take care of your virgin front lace wig? Read on and this article will give you a satisfying answer.
How to Reuse Your Old Wigs?
No matter the quality of real human hair wigs, the day will come when the luster will fade and the hairs will lose their bounce. However, these human hair wigs can be brought back to life by using a few tips and trick...
All about Bob wig
Bob Wig is also called Short Bob Wig. Klaiyi Short Bob wig hair is 100% human hair wig with no other blended fibers. The length is usually 8-14 inches. Klaiyi Bob wig has a natural hairline and baby hair with the same...
How To Take Care Of Kinky Curly Hair?
How to Clean & Re-install Lace Frontal Wigs?
With the proper care, a full lace front wig can last a long time. Do you know how to clean your virgin human hair wig? Do you know how to re-install them?
How To Bring A Human Hair Wig Back To Life?
One day when your wig feels dry and hard, you will find that it has lost its luster. This is because human virgin hair wigs do not have natural scalp oils to keep their hair moist.
How to soften a long-used wig?
7 Tips to make your Bob wig look natural
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6 Tips To Make Your Indian Hair Wig Look Natural
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9 Tips to take care of your human hair weave
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How long do human hair wigs last?
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5 Tips To Make Your Wig Look Natural
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Hair Care Tips You Need Know
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Do you have a human virgin hair wig is feeling dry and tired? Is your natural hair wigs get tricky and difficult to manage? This is for those who often wear because they do not have, you can drop a very common problem...