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Wearing wigs like this eliminates embarrassment

What is it like to be immediately recognized as wearing a wig? 

It is probably an awkward experience for both parties. 

People who wear wigs for the first time may feel insecure, fearing that their wig may look unnatural and easily give away that their hair is fake. 

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So how can we make wigs look natural and beautiful? Is there a way to reduce the risk of being exposed? 

Next, we will introduce some tips to make wigs look 'less fake' and the correct steps to wear them. 

If you want to confidently enjoy the benefits of wearing a wig, keep reading with us! 

1.Before wearing it, comb it first.

Before putting on the wig, preparation is very important. It can make a big difference in whether the wig looks natural or not! 

Regardless of whether the wig is long or short, the first thing to do before wearing it is to comb it with a comb. 

The reason for combing it before wearing it is that the shape of the wig may be a bit off and the hair may be messy when it is taken out of the net bag. 

Therefore, combing it beforehand can restore the original shape of the wig and make it easier to wear. 

In addition, when combing it, there is one place to pay attention to, which is the part where the wig is twisted. It is best to comb it as well to make it look fuller. 

If the hair at the twisted part looks flat, it is easy to tell that it is a wig. Therefore, by adjusting the hair around it, the twist can be made less obvious, reducing the risk of being exposed. 

2.Wrap hair evenly into the hairnet

The second step to make the wig look natural is to wrap the hair evenly into the hairnet. So what would be better? 

I believe that everyone spent a lot of effort when sending hair to the net, right? 

If you happen to be a person with long hair, you can first concentrate your hair into a bunch as much as possible before putting it in, so that you don't have to worry about the hair falling out again and collecting it cleanly. 

After putting the hair neatly into the hairnet, you can use both hands to stretch the hairnet and cover the entire head as much as possible, and keep the edges as close to the hairline as possible, and then you can evenly distribute the hair in the hairnet so that the back of the head does not visually look like a large bag, which is not natural! 

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3.The wig's swirl should be aligned as much as possible with your own swirl

After adjusting the hair in the hairnet, it's time to put on the wig! 

To make the wig look harmonious and natural, the order of wearing it is to start at the back of the head and work your forehead. 

It should be noted that the swirl on the wig should be aligned with your own hair vortex, so that it can appear natural and beautiful. 

You can adjust the position of the wig while looking in the mirror, which will be more accurate! 

4.Finally, comb with a comb again

The last step after putting on the wig is to comb the wig again. 

Since wigs become messy again during the wearing process, it is very important to put them on and then comb them. 

Comb the wig as if it were your own, but be careful not to push too hard to avoid accidentally tearing off the wig you put on hard. 

In addition, if your wig has a side line, be sure to pay attention to whether the position of the split line is appropriate, and the split line should be just pressed on the hairline to look natural! 


Reminder: Make good use of hair accessories to avoid being exposed! 

In addition to the tips mentioned above, using hair accessories can also help to avoid being easily detected when wearing a wig. 

For example, hair clips, headbands and other hair accessories can be used to cover up easily exposed hair whirls or forehead hairlines, or simply wear a hat to cover the top of the head. This can also add points to the overall look. 

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