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Want a more natural hairline with wigs?

In terms of wigs at this stage, the wig with a more natural hairline on the forehead must be a lace wig. 

And lace wigs are divided into two types: ordinary lace and Swiss mesh lace

The wig hairline of Swiss mesh lace will be thinner, more transparent and more natural, although the forehead of ordinary lace is also quite natural, but if you wear it normally, there will still be a loss of rigidity. 

Well today, as a blogger who knows more about wigs, I will teach you some little tricks that can help you to make the forehead hairline of lace wigs or ordinary wigs look more natural! 


In fact, if you want to make your hairline more natural, the most important thing is to cover the layering between the wig forehead and your forehead. 

If it is a wig with bangs, the bangs can directly block the layering, if it is a wig with a middle point, the layering exposed in the middle we have to find a way to block it. 

First of all, the first method is "C-shaped split"

Usually, we comb directly to both sides, so that the front layer will be directly exposed, so we use the C-shaped sewing method to divide the straight slitting on the top of the head into a C-shaped shape. 

The hair in front of the C-type split is staggered, the right hair will be left, and the left hair will be right, creating a crossed hairline, which can perfectly hide the wig's forehead layering.

The second method requires you to firstly prepare one of these small clips and using thess small clips to fix the hairstyle. 

You can also spray a little stereotyped thing on the inside of the clip, and then clamp the little clips to the place where the hair on the forehead is separated, and the hair that is divided on both sides is sandwiched in the middle. 

When not wearing it at night, we should took our wigs off and clamped it with a clip for one night. 

The purpose of this is to make the hair that is divided on both sides less parted, and if the hair is separated very widely, the forehead layer of the wig is directly exposed. 

When you wear it the next day, take the clip off, and the hair on your forehead is in a state of rising and then down, so it will look very natural. 

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Whether it is a general wig or an ordinary lace wig, if you want to make the forehead hairline look more natural and realistic, it is necessary to cover the layering of the forehead. As long as the layering is covered, the wigs will be looked more suitable on you! 

Sis! Any of you wear wigs a lot should all learn these tips ASAP~ 

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