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What Are The Most Popular Hairstyles For Summer?

Summer is generally the best time to spend some time outdoors or at the beach with friends swimming or sunbathing. However, your hairstyle plays a huge role when it comes to having fun outdoors. You need something simple, easy to do, and comfortable. In addition to that, heat is also a huge factor. Warm weather can make styling a challenge, that’s why you need to avoid blow-drying, straightening, and curling as much as you can.

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to rock this summer, you are in the right place. Whether you have long, medium, or short hair wig, there is a hairstyle for you. From beautiful updos to beachy waves, and ponytails, you will be spoilt for choices.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles you can try this summer.

1. Beach waves

Of course, on our top list has to be beach waves. Beach waves, which are those messy curly hair that look like you jumped out of the sea and your hair is air-dried into the perfect combination of elegance and casualness. Soft and slender hair becomes fluffy, tame coarse hair becomes supple, messy reveals grace. 

1.Beach waves

While it is not new, beach waves continue to become more popular with each passing day. This hairstyle looks very chick and will enhance your looks, making you looking fabulous. What’s more, it is a simple and lightweight hairstyle, making it perfect for summer.

2. The Perfect Ponytail

This hairstyle allows you to keep it simple. This hairstyle will give you a neat and comfortable look this summer. The perfect ponytail is a classic hairstyle that is not about to go away any time soon.

Perfect Ponytail

To achieve this, comb or brush your hair. Put your thumb and forefinger around your hair and tie it into a ponytail. You can tie your hair in the middle, high-up, or lower part of your head. It all depends on your personal style. You can use an elastic band to secure it and then tighten the ponytail. There is always something unique about ponytails and summer. Ponytails are simple to do and feel comfortable too.

3. Top-knot

Top-knot is a perfect hairstyle for summer since it can help you beat the heat. What’s more, it looks stylish, and is functional. The reason why top-knot is very common is that it is pretty simple to do.


In higher temperatures, the higher the hair, the cooler you stay. To make a perfect top-knot, prepare an elastic band and a hairpin. Then twist your hair into a bun. To give it a smooth effect, let it loose on the head a few strands left hanging.

4. Messy bun

The messy bun is also one of the most popular hairstyles for summer. You can rock this style for any occasion. Whether it is for work, school, party, or just chilling at home, messy bun got your back.

Messy bun

The main aim of a messy bun is to give you an imperfection, but at the same time, a stylish look. A messy bun can give dull, straight hair some life. On top of that, it is simple to do.

5. Holiday glam waves

If you have naturally curly hair, you can take it a notch higher with holiday-inspired glam waves. This hairstyle is ideal for a beach party or late-night date.

Holiday glam waves

One of the things that make this hairstyle stand out is that it strikes the perfect balance between Old Hollywood glamour and modern hairstyle. What’s more, you can easily do it in the comfort of your home before you step out.

6. Twisted bun

If you have a party with your friends and still not sure which hairstyle to go for, the twisted bun may be your perfect option.

Twisted bun

The chic spiral element is the primary focus of this updo, which is perfectly complemented by a few loose strands around the face. The twisted bun is a classic hairstyle that will not be out of style any time soon.

7. Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail

This is also another popular hairstyle for summer. Not only does it look pretty when you are sitting by the beach, but it also keeps your hair secure so you can take part in any fun activity. The braided ponytail is pretty simple to do. It is not only perfect for beach parties, but you can also rock this style for late-night dinner or some outdoor adventure because of its lightweight and comfort. 

8. Half up half down mess bun

This hairstyle is also great, especially on those lazy weekends when you want something casual. Moreover, this hairstyle works pretty well with any type of hair, whether curly or wavy. Its casual vibe makes it perfect for keeping summer feeling alive.

Half up half down mess bun

It is simple to create. Just sweep the top of half of your hair into a loose, messy bun. Then using your fingers, pull out a few hair strands around your face. It is as simple as such.

9. Boxer braids

A little bit of a protective hairstyle is also important during summer and you can achieve that with boxer braids.

Boxer braids

Boxer braids have become incredibly popular over recent years. We have seen a number of celebrities rocking them. Boxer braids look stylish and chic. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, whether formal or informal.

10. Flowers in your hair

Of course, flowers in your head definitely look beautiful in summer. It is perfect for beach parties or summer weddings. This hairstyle works best for long hair.

Flowers in your hair

However, if you have medium or short hair, you can use extensions to add volume and length. To achieve this look, create your favorite crown type and then use fresh or artificial flowers to accessorize it.

Wrapping up

When it comes to summer hairstyles you can try, there are plenty of them. The ones mentioned above are just a few of them. When choosing a hairstyle for summer, make sure that it is easy to make and comfortable too. Summer can be too hot sometimes, and a bulky hairstyle can make you sweat profusely and feel uncomfortable. Of course, you wouldn’t want that. So pick any of the above mentioned summer hairstyles and rock it to any party you are attending this summer.

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