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Klaiyi Hair: 11.11 GIVEAWAY


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5. Comment below with your hair link and your Email address to let me know you are participating in the giveaway.

Klaiyi Hair Bottom Price 15% OFF on 10th Nov-12nd Nov


1st Winner:Click here to choose your gift: http://bit.ly/2RnSi1R

Size: 12 12 12+10 (Only One)

2nd Winner: A Bob Wig: http://bit.ly/2Pv1cx5

Size:10 (Only One)

3rd Winner: $50 Coupon (Only Three)

4th Winner: $30 Coupon (Only Five)

We will choose all the winners on our live show on the 23rd Nov by random.

You will see a fair and open giveaway.Good Luck to all our K-Girls!!!

Please pay attention to our Instagram @klaiyihair_no1 and YouTube Channel“Klaiyi Hair”.

This is the website we will use to choose winners.


Klaiyi Hair 11.11 November Giveaway


  • Lisa m

    Never heard of this company and I have never won anything so I didn’t enter because I don’t have Instagram

  • Gabrielle Billingslea

    It doesn’t matter what type of hair it’s all amazing texture😍

  • Tanesha Woodham

    All of Klayi hair is gorgeous cant wait to see if I can have more.

  • Tionna

    I don’t care what bundles I get I will just be grateful if I get anything I did everything to enter so plz

  • Janellie Palmer

    This hair seems to be really good to use I would love it ❤❤

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