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Scalp Steaming For Hair Maintenance

Have you ever tried scalp steaming at home or hair salon before? If you do, tell me the effect and your feeling with a comment. If you do not, we highly recommend to give it a try since it will give you a refreshing scalp relax and benefit your hair a lot. Scroll down to know more for the preparation and perfection before doing it.

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1.what is scalp steaming?

2.Can steaming scalp helps hair growth?

3.How to steam my scalp at home?

4.How does scalp steaming benefit your hair?

5.Do you steam before or after shampoo?

6.How often should you steam your hair?

7.Tips of scalp steaming and hair loss

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First, let us figure out what is scalp steaming?

scalp steaming

It is kind of a hair treatment with multiple benefits for the best hair care result: applying steam to your hair and scalp. In this way, using a steamer with moist heat to open hair follicles to allow the nutrition like moisture, oil and vitamin from hair products to penetrate deeper. And it will work efficiently.

If you have dry, frizzy and thin hair and tired hair mask, deep conditioner before without improvement, you can do scalp steaming at a hair salon or at home, which really helps improve the texture, softness, and elasticity of your hair and gives you a healthy and clean scalp.

Can steaming scalp helps hair growth?

The answer is yes! It is true that steam offers moisture to the hair roots and this helps improve blood circulation to the scalp. The hair gets the required nourishment for better growth. However, steaming will not exactly make your hair grow, the process can help you hair reach its full potential.

When targeting the scalp, the moist heat will encourage blood flow at the source of healthy hair growth. So it is still worthy to try. When you keep doing steaming, your scalp will know how it works and show the final improvement that you expected.

How Can I steam my scalp at home?

Of course, you can do that at home if you got a steamer and know how it works well to your scalp like time control, basic hair care process, and other professional advice you may get from a hairstylist.

But personally, I don't have such profession skills to make it well and perfect. So I feel an at-home steaming will ever compare. You might be able to achieve the same level of cleansing, but the deeply scalp relaxing sensation of having someone professional take care of your hair will never be replaced.

For the better result, I recommend to do it at a hair salon.

scalp steaming

How does scalp steaming benefit your hair?

The benefit of scalp steaming:

Add in moisture

Fix damaged hair

Detoxifies the scalp

Promote hair growth

Restore curl pattern

Remove silicone buildup, oil residue, and salt deposits from suds

Removing trapped dead skin cells

the benefit of scalp steaming

What should I put on my hair before steaming?

You just need to saturate your hair with a deep conditioner from hair roots to the end of your hair. Then sit under a steaming machine for 30 minutes. For other steps, let your hairstylist do it for you.

Do you steam before or after shampoo?

When you are down, washing your hair with shampoo with cold water to seal the locks in moisture. And then allow your hair to dry naturally.

How often should you steam your hair?

Usually, you can steam your hair once a week or twice a month, depending on your hair texture. If you have curly and kinky hair, you may steam once every week to make it shiny and sleek. For the healthy hair, steaming once a month is enough for maintenance.

Tips of scalp steaming

1.Put on a plastic cap when using a hooded dryer

2.Do not over steam. Steam for 20-30 minutes.

3.Ensure the steam reaches the hair roots.

4.Let your hair cool down before washing.

5.After steaming, use a hair oil to seal the moisture in your hair.

6.Cover your hair with a scarf or a towel after steaming.

If you are suffering from the hair loss, we do not recommend scalp steaming at first but ask for a doctor for advice.

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