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The Best Human Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Have you ever been annoyed by your thin hair and hoped to get full, bouncy hair one day? Now it is time to make your dream come true by using hair extension. It is a great and common way to add volume and length to your locks and makes your natural hair look fuller with minimal work on your part. Give it a try and you will be surprised!

hair extension

First, what is a hair extension?

Hair extension is the method of lengthening one's hair or adding hair volume and texture by incorporating synthetic hair or natural human hair.

There are different types of hair extensions: Hand-tied/Clip-in/Tape-in hair extensions, so you need to consider a few things when buying it.

How to choose the right hair extension?

Synthetic or Human hair extension

Here, we highly recommend real human hair extensions for you. First, human hair extension has a good quality of super soft, no shedding and blending well with your natural hair. Second, it can be treated as our own natural hair, which can be bleached, dyed, curled and straightened without worries.

But synthetic hair can not be styled in a free way. It can be easily ruined by any hair styling like using heat tools on it. For the hair texture, it is normally dry and tangled. If you want to use your hair extension for a long time, choosing the human hair is the best choice.

Hand-tied hair extension

hand-tied hair extensions

Attaching a weft of hair to one’s natural hair, hair extension has been sewn in together by hand. First, braiding your hair to cover your whole head and then the wefts of hair are sewn into the braided rows.

water wave

This method does not need a lot of hair and lay close to your scalp, giving a more natural look without feeling bulky. It is the best choice for adding natural volume to people who have thin, fine hair.

curly wave

Additionally, there is no glue, heat, or tape involved. They can be dyed, straightened, and curled in a free way since they are made of real human hair.

body wave

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straight wave

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For this install, it takes 2- 3 hours to apply a full head of hand-tied weft extensions.

Clip-in hair extension

Clip-in hair extension

Clip-in hair extension can also be called short-time hair extension. This type of hair extension is usually for those who occasionally use them for special events. It offers convenience since you can apply hair extension on your scalp only by several clips.

However, they are not suggested for those with fine, thin hair because the weight of the clips might cause them to slide off the hair, especially if you need to wear them for a long time. Besides, putting strain on the thin hair might cause hair loss by clips. Therefore, clip-in hair extension is not the best option for thin hair.

Tape-in hair extension

Tape-in hair extension

Tape-in hair extension: Applying hair extension to your scalp with tape. The two hair wefts are taped to your natural hair in a sandwich style. It doesn’t need to be a lot of hair but the adhesive from the tape can damage your natural hair if it’s not attached or removed properly.

The hair extension lays completely flat against the head and gives a very natural look. Compare to the hand-tied method, this process is simple and quick, with lightweight tape sections.

Besides, there is no strain and pulling thing happening and you can also pull your hair into a ponytail with the tape-in. This method is easier and cheaper than hand-tied. After a basic understanding of the two methods, you can choose one of them based on your personal preference.

Does hair extension damage your hair?

As we talked about above, there is no hair damage if you choose the right type of hair extension. But for the long service life and security, we highly recommend the Hand-tied hair extension that is cost-effective.

How to take care of thin hair?

1.Avoid pulling and straining when brushing your hair

2.Use high-quality hair products

3.Keep regular hair maintenance

4.Use hair extensions to boost your confidence

5.Try layers


we hope this blog is helpful for you to choose the right hair extension, boosting your confidence and showing your beauty. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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