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FAQ: The Affiliate Program of Klaiyi Hair Hair Promoter

 Earn Money from Klaiyi Hair

Thousands of Klaiyi Girls contact us about Klaiyi Hair Promoter.

Yes, Klaiyi Hair do have a Hair Promoter Program, but please note that Klaiyi does not provide Free Hairs! You can earn Money/Commission from Klaiyi Hair!


We have a Klaiyi Hair Promoter Program, it is also a Klaiyi Affiliate program.

  1. You could Sign up a promo account. Apply Now>>
  2. It takes about 24 hours to approve your application.
  3. Log in your promo account, and get your special URL. Log in Now>>
  4. Share your special URL.
  • Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Make some Videos with the link
  • Share the link in some Facebook Groups, Local Forum, Chatroom
  • Post the link on different Coupon or Discount Websites.
  1. Then you could get natural clicks, and even orders.
  2. Once you get enough natural clicks, we can send you free hairs. Free shipping to USA. Check Click Demands >>
  3. Once you successfully referred orders, you could get 5% commission from the orders! Check Commission Details >>

By the way, Follow Klaiyi Hair's Offical Instagram, Youtube Channel and Facebooks are very important!

You could get the newest Ambassadors' Photos/Videos, Customers' Photos/Videos, and Newest Activities of Klaiyi Hair! This would be your important sources, and help you make a better sharing or clicks!

Klaiyi Hair Instagram: Klaiyihair_No1 Follow Now>>

Klaiyi Hair Youtube Channel: Klaiyi Hair Follow Now >>

Klaiyi Hair Facebook: No1KlaiyiHair Follow Now >>


Many Klaiyi Hair promoters have the same questions - How to check my clicks?

Here it is!

Here are 2 ways to check your clicks, check it by yourself or contact Klaiyi Hair service to check it for you

1. Check My Clicks:

  1. Log in your promo account.
  2. Click the “Report”
  3. Queue Report. Name the report, choose a time period, and queue report.
  4. Check the report file, here is the visits, and order details!

 The click report of Klaiyi Hair Promoter

2. Contact Klaiyi Hair Service:



NOTE !!!!!

Here are a few promoters used  some illegal methods to promote their special links. Klaiyi will not provide free hairs for these promoters!.

All our other girls are working hard on the promoting. But some special promoters just want to use the Robot clicks, or get free hairs with some  faster and illegal methods.

For example, here are some problem of the promoter - 2001115.95ee1e.

The Avg. Session Duration of her most clicks are 00:00:00

It means, people or the robot just click the link, and even don't wait for 1 second to open the website. Is it normal? 

In fact, Klaiyi hair promoter's Avg for View: 00:02:14 

Hope All Klaiyi Hair Promoters have a fair and legal platfrom to get their free gifts! Thanks for ALL YOUR SUPPORTS!

details of the fake promoter

(To the extent permitted by law, Klaiyi Hair has the right of final interpretation of Klaiyi Hair Hair Promoter Program)

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